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Is Monat Global A Scam? Hair Loss and Money Loss


Monat is the DoTerra of hair care.

Launched in 2014 by Luis and Rayner Urdaneta, they quickly raised to the top as a contending business in the MLM world. Monat represents “Modern Nature” and focuses on natural hair products that are scientifically proven to strengthen hair and make it healthy.

Within just one year they were pushing 25 million a revenue. Luis and Rayner Urdaneta are not new to success, they started L’eudine, a Latin America business, that created 200 million in annual revenue.

The two had experience and revenue and this translated into a thriving business. By 2016, Monat had an annual revenue of 41 million dollars.

What Are The Products Like?

Monat sells high-end pure, natural hair products. They claim that their products will rejuvenate, replenish and hydrate your hair, but some have suggested that it has done the reverse.

According to the news, two women from Florida sued Monat, stating that their hair products have terrible effects - like causing your hair to fall out.

These woman filed a lawsuit against Monat stating that they should have warned people about potential reactions.

Monat fought back and filed its own defamation suits against three women who had created a private Facebook group and were sharing pictures of bald spots caused by the Monat products.

Monat created a website: as a defensive measure that explains in details the natural ingredients that are used in their products.

Their defence was that just because a product is natural doesn’t mean that someone cannot have a reaction to it.

I think that there is some truth to that statement. A company like DoTerra claims to have natural products, but there are testimonies of people having reactions to their products as well.

Nevertheless, the company has had some bad press over the last year and have worked hard to get their company on track.

The Monat Product List

A list of products that are sold my Monat are REJUVENIQE®
Oil Intensive, REJUVABEADS®, Hydration System, Volume System, Densify Duo System, Stylized System, Power Boost System and so many more.

They have a wide selection of hair care products from scalp health to beard support. Though the company has snowballed over the last couple of years, their products do have a lot of negative feedback.

They are so expensive to purchase.

It would not be uncommon for someone to spend over $100 for just a couple of products.

I have listed some Youtube videos of customer reviews from those that have used the Monat products. 

Is Monat a Scam?

Monat is not a scam, but they are an MLM company.

These days there are MLM companies everywhere. Just take some time and browse through Facebook and you'll find someone trying to sell you some products from an MLM business.

Let’s break down what an MLM business is all about, and why I believe you should RUN as far away from them as possible. 

What’s the Problem With A MLM Company? Are They A PYRAMID SCHEME?

MLM businesses are often called legal pyramids in our day. Though pyramid schemes are against the law in our country, MLM businesses are allowed to exist. The problem is that they don’t just exist, but they are thriving - they are everywhere!

To be honest with you it can be challenging to tell the differences between an MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

 A pyramid scheme focuses all their energy on signing up suckers (distributors), and has little focus on their products or services.

An MLM company does focus on their products and try to move products as much as possible, but the only way to make money is to sign up suckers (distributors) and create a downline.

Can't you see why it's hard to distinguish between an MLM and a pyramid scheme?

If you are looking to sell Monat to make money, then you're going to need to create a productive downline.

Most people sell to friends and family, and this can become frustrating to them.

Like a pyramid scheme, the focus is more on the downline than the products.

Do you want to spend your days trying to convince your friends and family to join you and sell overpriced products?

How Monat Says You’ll Make Money

Monat claims that joining their MLM company is an opportunity that you cannot pass up.

As a distributor, you get 30% off retail and a 15% commission on VIP sales.

According to Monat,

“You never have to have any inventory, and you have the freedom to explore sales locally and nationally."

When looking at the information provided by Monat, you may be thinking that Monat is an excellent opportunity for you to build a passive income.

Before you go any further let me give you some stats that may turn the ship and head you in a better way.

1. Less an 1% of MLM distributors make more than $9,000 a year.

2. To be successful with an MLM business, you have to be first to market and get a huge following.

3. In fact, 95% of all MLM start-ups fail.

Now, I am of the mindset that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind too.

I think that in time and with hard work you can build a real business.

But given the stats that I mentioned above, I would assume that there is something terribly wrong with the business model of an MLM company.

Can I Be Honest With You?

There is a better way.

I know that we have never met, and I am only one opinion out of many. If I can just have a couple of minutes of your time, I think I can help you out on your business endeavours. 

Most MLM businesses fail for these reasons:

1. They have the wrong mindset
2. They don't have the right training
3. They don't have the support that they need
4. They ran out of friends and family to sell too
5. They are not motivated enough
6. They don't sell good products

This is my humble advice to you. 

Don't spend your life creating a downline and depending on others to make sales for you to make money.

Affiliate marketing is the opportunity that you have been looking for all these years.



Recruiting 🙁

No Recruiting 🙂

Brand Loyalty 


Downline Dependency


Complicated Incentives

Easy to Understand

Unrealistic Expectations

Realistic Goals

High Investment Costs


With affiliate marketing, you don't depend on a downline, and you don't have to sell to friends and family.

Also, with affiliate marketing you’re able to create a passive income and work from anywhere in the world.

>> Discover Affiliate Marketing Tools that can help you succeed.  

There are no face-to-face selling with affiliate marketing, and you get to create a REAL online business that is entirely dependant on your hard work.

By owning a website you’re able to be build something that works when you don’t want to. 


Should you sell Monat and try to build an online business?

I am not even sure you’d want to purchase their products. :/

Monat’s quality and Integrity is up in the air. When a company has a bad reputation it is very hard to get that reputation back. Sometimes you never get your reputation back.

Monat doesn’t have the best support either. Several people have complained that trying to get a hold of Monat is very difficult and frustrating. 

From hair loss to money loss! I would suggest that you stay clear of Monat and begin a real online business.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever used Monat’s products. Let me know your experience with the company.


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