September 21

100 Ways to Say “NO THANK-YOU” to an MLM Consultant


Are you bothered by MLM consultants that want you to buy their products or sign up as a consultant? There are so many MLM companies that it’s hard to keep track anymore. 

Companies like: DoTerra and Pampered Chef have their marketing team (your friends and family) follow you around each day, and try to convince you that their products are awesome.”You can make a lot of money,” they’ll say!

Something Has To Be Done

It’s getting out of hand! ​

Take a peek at Facebook and what do you see? It’s filled with memes and MLM consultants telling you why their products are the best in the world.

Facebook is full of Memes and MLM Consultants

“I just love them!” they always tell you as they smear the makeup all over their face. Post after post and video after video, will it ever come to an end? This is what happens when people, who have no idea how to market products, get a webcam, some ambition and a platform – it’s a mess!My sister is always asking my wife to sign-up and buy some products from one of her 100’s of MLM businesses that she has joined; Frankly, my wife hates it.

I have decided to compile a list of what you should say (and really want to say) to that MLM consultant who tries to get you signed up.These responses will hopefully make you laugh (that’s the purpose), and you’ll be able to see a little humour in this MLM dilemma.So, let’s look at 100 ways to say “no” to your friend’s MLM request.

The List

1. Recruit? I don’t have any friends

2. I’m scared that if I join an MLM business, I’ll become like you. 

3. Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m going to pass right now (or every time you ask me for the rest of my life).

4. Sure, I’ll join. Just give me some time to sell all my assets and move around some stocks.

5. Can you let me think about it, and I’ll get back to you never?

6. I appreciate the thought, but I’m happy with my purposeless life.

7. No, thanks. Maybe someday, very far down the road.

8. I love the products; I don’t like the price. Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery.

9. You’re good at what you do; I’m just not interested.

10. I can see you really enjoy the product. Maybe one day I’ll have the same passion for the company and products as you do, but that’s not today.

11. I’m already seeing someone.

12. I might sign-up one day, but today isn’t that day.

13. What does MLM mean? Make Lots of Money?

14. I’m happy for your success, but I don’t deserve that much happiness.

15. You’re awesome. I’m just not a build-a-business, make-money, change-my-life kind of person.

16. I love your passion! I’m just not interested. Keep being you.

17. No, thank you. Please remove me from your naggers’ list.

18. I love your ambition, but I’m never going to sign away my life.

19. I shop at Walmart and the local dollar store, do you think I’m interested?

20. Send me an email to

21. Wow! You’re the 100th person that asked me this week. It must be trending.

22. So, you’re saying I need these products or else?

23. I enjoy your company; I don’t like your MLM company!

24. I will keep your card, and if I need a $100 tube of toothpaste, I’ll give you a call.

25. I have an idea . . . . leave me alone.

26. You’re persistent, but so am I.

27. You make me laugh; the products that you promote make me laugh harder.

28. It’s official, I’m annoyed!

29. You got tenacity, just no tact.

30. Aren’t you the star on that reality show I watched on Facebook called, “I will bother you for the rest of my days.”

31. I’ll buy yours if you buy mine.

32. I din’t sign up for this! Seriously, I didn’t sign up!

33. I’m allergic to the products and your marketing tactics.

34. Thanks for the invite, but I’m going to decline with extreme enthusiasm.

35. Maybe down the road, a long winding road that probably will never end.

36. I’m going to say, “no.”

37. It’s a no from me, sorry.

38. I missed the days when we talked about anything but your MLM company.

39. Friends don’t sign-up their friends to an MLM company!

40. Can I pay in bitcoins?

41. I’m losing hope in humanity.

42. Listening to your sales pitch must be what prison feels like.

43. I’m going to reject this offer, thanks.

44. I know of so many people that will hate this product

45. You lost me at recruit . . . .

46. You love the product, or you want to make money?

47. Go away!

48. I didn’t like it; I loathed it.

49. Is this the beginning of a better future or the end of our friendship?

50. If I sell this product, I can make ten’s of dollars?

51. I already signed up as a consultant with someone else.

52. I’m going to pass up this opportunity.

53. Please forgive me for not being as excited as you.

54. Can I please have a raincheck?

55. Reluctantly, I say no, again.

56. I’m not buying what you’re selling – literally.

57. I need some time to think about this – give me 50 years.

58. You’re timing is absolutely perfect – It’s a no.

59. Did you interrupt me for that?

60. Are all MLM consultants like you?

61. I know that we are close, but we’re not that close.

62. Do I start in the first tier?

63. Do I have to sell $1,000 a day?

64. Do I have to like your products?

65. Who is getting my soul?

66. Your MLM is showing.

67. It’s an N.O. on the M.L.M.

68. This is where I say, “NO”.

69. I have one “no” left, and you can have it.

70. I’ve seen this movie – he says no.

71. I don’t understand MLM businesses, sorry.

72. I’ve actually banned from using this companies products.

73. You can ask me, but I think you know the answer.

74. I’m sorry, you got the wrong number.

75. I can’t hear you my fingers are in my ears!

76. Let’s agree to disagree that we agree. 

77. For the 77th time – no! 

78. I’d love to be a consultant, but I’m not allowed; I have a non-compete.

79. $1000 sales a month, $300 a year…There has to be a better way.

80. I’m insanely jealous of those you leave alone.

81. Don’t hate me because I don’t like MLM businesses.

82. It’s true that I love you, but it’s equally true that I don’t like to be bothered.

83. I have considered this for years, and it’s a no.

84. I’m not a fan of parties of any kind.

85. Do you know Bill from your MLM company? Yeah, He said that this is all fake news.

86. For the love of all things MLM, leave me alone.

87. I like the products, the potential money, and the opportunity. I just don’t like you.  

88. This is the 88th time I have told you – NO!

89. I have investigated this product and discovered that I hate it.

90. Will this product get rid of people that keep asking you about MLM companies?

91. Is there an app for that?

92. I’m convinced that you hate me.

93. You’re not going to ask me if I want to sign-up? It’s a multi-level marketing miracle!

94. This will be the last time I say “no” to you. From now on I’m going to say “shut-up”!

95. I love that you don’t give up. I hate that you won’t give up asking me to join your MLM.

96. I’m already apart of several MLM businesses. I don’t want to cheat on them.

97. Please, no.

98. If I say “yes” will you leave me alone? Fine, “no”.

99. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times. NOOOO!

100. I actually make 4-figure passive income from affiliate maketing, and best of all I don’t have to recruit those that are close to me. I hope that this was a good laugh. Did I miss any? Add yours to the comments below.


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