September 28

What are you Passionate About? Connecting Your Passion With Your Work

Is it possible to actually have fun making money? Let me ask it another way, is it possible to enjoy your job?


I am not sure where you work or what you do every day, but work isn't supposed to be fun. I mean you're supposed to be hating your job, your boss and those that work with you!

At least that's what most people believe to be true.

What if work could be exciting and fun? What if you could enjoy work and making money was just a bonus, a perk?

Can Your Job and Passion Collide?

Okay. Let's get back to reality for one moment, and think about how this could even be possible.

“Follow after your passion, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!” I heard the speaker explain. 

It sounds logical, but can it happen or better yet, how do we make it happen?

Bridging Your Passion And Your Job

How do we connect our passion and our work? Can they even come together? 

ahhhhhh! Is this stuff possible? 

There is one link that brings this all together. Now, before you write me off as being crazy- I need you to hear me out for just one moment.

Let’s start with the basics. 

What is Your Passion?

What are you passionate about? Finding your passion is as easy as asking yourself these three questions:

1. What would I do every day without getting paid?
2. What would I read about every day and not get bored?
3. What would I do every day if I had the financial freedom to do it?

What Connects Your Passion and Your Job?

What connects your passion with your work? It’s helping people.

We all enjoy helping people. 

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing someone succeed or become a better person by us communicating our passion?

Teaching Others is The Best Way To Be Happy!

No matter what you are good at in life, the best way to use that knowledge is to teach others.

By the way, we all have a passion.

If we could follow your passion and help people daily in life, then you'd  be thrilled and making money would be a bonus.

You’d enjoy your job, and you’d enjoy your life.

You know that I'm absolutely telling you the truth. You’re nodding your head as you read this post.

Okay, maybe not literally. 

Create a Blog

What if I told you that I could make all of this happen for you?

I can give you your dream job, and finally give you that missing link that you’ve been looking for all your life.

I can help you help others, and best of all, I can show you how you’ll make money doing it.

How? It's by creating a blog.

Before you shut this conversation off and hit the back button on your web browser, I want you to know that creating a blog is not that hard today.

It’s easier than you think; I bet that you could have a website online in less than one hour.

Building A Website Isn’t Hard Anymore

I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for a while, and they have provided to me all the tools that I need to build a functional website without wanting to hurt myself.

Step by step training is only one click away.

Let’s explain this a little further.

You build a blog and help people by writing about your passion. You grow your site and your audience. 

Your blog is just the vehicle that will take you to where you want to go.

Actually, your blog can take you to places that you never thought that you could ever go.

It’s fun, enjoyable even.

But wait! You’re also going to begin to make money with this blog


The secret is using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people's products - products that work and have helped you.

**Whether you find these products on,, or any other affiliate platform - it’s totally up to you.

As you write about your passion, you can recommend products that you use and love, products that you know others will enjoy.

Then you get commissions when people purchase those products.

You make money, but more importantly, you get to do something that you love.

Let me emphasize something very important. Not only are you going to make money, but you are also going to be able to work from home or anywhere in the world.

I started with affiliate marketing because I wanted to take my kids on a trip to Disneyland. So I worked really hard to try to make some extra money. I’m not sure the why in your life, but I do know how you can get there.

*Maybe you want to travel the world
*Maybe you want to stay home with your children
*Maybe you want to expand your mind and grow as a person
*Maybe you want to learn something new

It’s really up to you. 

Take some moment and click on my #1 Recommendation at the bottom of this post, and begin the free training today. Learn how I built an online business without any formal training.

Today your passion will meet it’s new friend, and they’ll build a relationship what will change your life. 


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