September 9

The Best MLM Company is Probably No Company At All


If you're searching for an MLM business, then chances are you are looking to go into business. You’re hoping for an opportunity to start selling a product or service so that you can make money - passive income.


Before you think that I am entirely against MLM businesses, I want you to know that I have used products from several TOP MLM companies. I have nothing against their products; In fact, I thought their products were good quality, and most of them worked as expected (Most of them).My beef isn’t with MLM companies or their products, it's with their business model.

Chuck Holmes said, "MLM is like a religion and politics. People are either overly passionate about loving it, or hating it.”

Before you jump into an MLM startup, I think you should also be aware of this vital fact - MLM start-ups have a high failure rate.

Why? Probably because MLM businesses do not screen their potential business owners, and there isn’t a t'on of training to boot.You have unqualified people becoming sales people that have no idea what they are doing. That may have something to do with it.

Before you’re all over my case, I do think that anyone can become successful at whatever they want if they work hard at it - sooner or later they can and will succeed.

Back to the MLM failure rate- 

No training may also have something to do with it. They get on Facebook and spend hours trying to compel people to buy their products. 

It’s like these MLM sales people are saying: “buy my products or else!” ;P

Are you not sick and tired of being sold to on Facebook? It seems that Facebook is saturated with memes and MLM businesses these days. I think that if people were honest, they would admit that they are getting pretty sick of this as well. C'mon people - let it go (This is not some hidden Disney message).

Now, I know not all MLM sales people are this annoying, just MOST of them. I once heard a later tell a crowd of potential buys that her secret oil could cure cancer - WOW! 


I have some friends that do pretty good with MLM. I have never asked them, but I would suppose that they make a pretty respectable amount of money doing it too. 

It is a multi-level system with several tier payouts.


It's just hard for me to get around the fact that you have to always sell to your family and friends. You're always in their face telling them that they NEED your product or their life is going to fall apart. 


What else do I hate about MLM businesses? I hate the fact their prices are crazy high. The price hike is because they need to pay everyone involved in their pyramid. Do you need a $20 tube of toothpaste? I know it's super good for you and all that . . .

Maybe it's just me. I see right through all of that. I want a good product at an even better price - is that too much to ask?

To conclude my MLM thoughts: 

The MLM business is great if you want people always mad at you because you're always bugging them to sign up. It’s a perfect business model if you wish to have your friends and family pay extremely high prices for everyday products (I know the products are better than everyone else’s products - I get that!).

I'm just trying to give you something to think about for a moment. What if there was a better business model to make passive income? What if there was a better business model to follow which didn’t you force you to sell to your friends or family?


Affiliate Marketing is the internet gold rush. Affiliate marketing has been around for a while, but recently it seems to have taken on some traction.

In 2017, businesses (like Amazon) paid out 7 billion dollars (That's a lot of zeros). 

The best thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to hassle your friends and family, and you don’t have to do any face to face selling.

Another great thing about affiliate marketing is you don't have to host any sales parties! All you need to get involved in affiliate marketing is a laptop and an internet connection.

You may have done some research about affiliate marketing before, but decided that you couldn't do it or that it wasn't right for you. 

I want to give you the reasons why most people don't get involved in affiliate marketing and how you can overcome these obstacles. 

1. You don't know how to become an internet marketer

This is a fair reason, but it doesn't have to be so. The number one recommended affiliate learning platform for me is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything that I ever needed to know about affiliate marketing and gave me the tools to be successful. 

2. It Takes Too Long

Another reason why people don't like affiliate marketing is that they think that it takes too long to make money.

Making money online does take time and effort. 

There are a lot of web pages that claim that you can make money quick and easy, but these sites are scams.

There are no easy roads to making money unless you get a large allowance or inheritance.

With affiliate marketing, you could potential see an income stream as little as 6 months. 

3. I don't Know How To Build A Website

That's fair. 

Web design in 2018 and beyond isn't that hard.

I am absolutely, without a doubt telling you the TRUTH

With great platforms like WordPress, you can have a website up and running very quickly. 


1. Find a Host. I recommend using the power of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an all exclusive host with top-rated great features.

2. Choose a Domain Name. With Wealthy Affiliate you can choose a FREE sub-domain name or purchase a premium one. 

3. Pick A Theme. There are thousands of FREE themes available to you on Wealthy Affiliate. Best of all, the training helps you get your site off the ground. 

Also, with Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn how to build a website, and you’re provided with the tools to make it thrive.

So, I guess I crushed that excuse. 

I hope that this blog post gave you some ideas besides starting to sell MLM products. I do believe that there are some better alternatives out there to make a great income online. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please add them in the comments below. 


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