September 29

The Absolutely Best Green Screen Kit for Your Home or Office

Green screen (or chroma keying) is eliminating a green background and replacing it with whatever you want.

Gamers or those creating online webinars will set up a green screen for that extra professional touch. Green screen equipment doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money; you can get set up and start using chroma key quickly, without breaking the bank.


I recommend that you use Open Broadcasting Software (It’s free) for creating webinars and video game tutorials with your green screen.

I personally use a green screen for my webinars and some web videos for affiliate marketing. I love using a green screen with my videos because of the professional look that it gives. I add these videos to my websites, facebook page or email marketing to add that extra marketing push.


When finding a green screen kit for your office or home you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

This is so important.

The kits that I am listing below are not “professional” kits! I wouldn’t use them for a video studio (If I was adding a green screen to a video studio, I would use green screen paint. It’s a more permanent option). ​Though I wouldn’t use them for a studio, they are excellent for your home or office.


Before you start using a green screen you want to make sure that you have a good webcam that will work well with chroma key.

I recommend using the Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam.

I’ve been using this webcam for some time now and love using it. The clarity is incredible, and it gives me a beautiful crisp image which is perfect for using a green screen. This is probably one of the best Alright, let’s talk green screens.I want to give to you four excellent green screen kits that are my recommendations if you’re planning on setting up a green screen in your home or office.

Neewer Large Video and Photography Green Screen Kit

The Neewer Video and Photography green screen kit (Click Here to check out the latest products on Amazon) comes with an 8.5 x 10-foot support stand and a 10 x 20 backdrop. This kit is light and easy to carry. It’s perfect for using it on location, and the convenient carrying cases make it ideal for travelling. The backdrops are made of 100% Muslin; the Cotton fabric is plain weave, and you can machine wash them if you wish.

The kit comes with three muslins colors: green, black and white.It also comes with a stand to hold the muslins in place.What’s included?  Two white umbrellas and stands, the umbrellas are used to soften the light and broaden its reach. The umbrellas are fantastic for photography, and the bulbs are designed to produce a natural daylight look.

The two softboxes are used to give you an even distribution of light and a crisp, cleaner shot.

This might not be the best good kit for those that are looking to create large productions, but for beginners and for around the home or office – this kit is perfect. It’s an affordable kit that will get you started by adding a green screen to your videos. It’s easy to set up and perfect for traveling.   I own this kit and love it. I use it in my basement for doing the odd webinar and I have no complaints.

It’s not a super-strong construction, but it gets the job done.

ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey Green Screen Kit

The ePhoto Chromakey Kit (Click here to Check out the latest prices on Amazon) is perfect basic green screen kit.

This 3 light kit with a 10X20 100% muslin works as expected. What makes this kit great for video, especially interviews, is that it comes with a top light used to add overhead light. All three lights are softboxes which disperses the light evenly and creates a crisp image.

One of the biggest mistakes when using a green screen is not evenly dispersing the light over the green screen. I would suggest you purchase this kit and add a couple more LED lights. Click here to check out the LED lights I purchased on Amazon. It is a solid kit and great if you are just starting with green screens.

Linco Pheno Studio Lighting Studio (Best Price)

For the price, the Link Pheno Studio is an incredible kit to purchase (Click here to check out the price on Amazon). It comes with four lights (2 softboxes and 2 umbrellas), medal stands for all the lights and muslin (Three colors of muslins: black, white and green) and everything is made with high-quality materials, and it has a great carrying case. For under $100, this is a great green screen kit for your home or office.

It’s a great place to begin, and you can add some more screens or lights as you need.

Elgato Green Screen – Collapsible Chroma Key

Sometimes you don’t have the room or space to setup a big 10X20 green screen. This is where the Elgato Collapsible Green Screen is great (Click here to take a look at this great product on Amazon).

Let’s talk easy!

If you are looking to add a green screen for your webinars or game streams and want something simple and easy to set up. This is your solution.

Just pull it up into place. Simple.

The Elgato collapsable green screen is a easy way to add chroma key to your home and your home office.

The Elgato is so simple to setup and it’s easy to store.

It’s probably one of the best solutions for add a green screen to your home or office just because of the room factor – it doesn’t take up a ton of room.

Adding a green screen to your project will make it look professional and you’ll have fun putting it all together.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money these days to get a great kit.


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