August 28

Sprezzabox Review: A REAL Subscribers Experience


I like to look good. I assume that because you’re reading this post that you want it as well. We all want a little style, and if you’re like me, you’re incapable of matching clothes.

My brother-in-law encouraged me to try out Sprezzabox, a subscription box business, that would change my life – at least that’s what he told me. According to my brother-in-law, Sprezzabox helps me look my best by providing me with a service that I’m unable to do myself – match my clothes. This isn’t just about matching blues with greys, but perfectly putting together colors and accessories to create an incredible style.

I decided to give Sprezzabox a try and see if it’s worthy of all the hype it’s receiving. I headed over to their website, filled out my information and subscribed to the service. The article that you’re now reading is my honest review of Sprezzabox, and if you should join me.


As mentioned above, Sprezzabox is a subscription service. You first choose a plan that’s right for you:

  • A 14-month commitment=$25 a month which is paid $300 upfront; 
  • A 7-month commitment=$26 a month which is paid $156 upfront; and 
  • Month to month which is $28 which you can cancel at any time). 

You choose the plan, and the experts begin to select the style. They choose a designer tie, handkerchief, socks, and accessories that perfectly flow into a unified designer outfit.

Each month you receive their box in your mailbox filled with their excellent products.

Your account is controlled from their website. You can cancel your account, view statements, and see when your next billing date will be. Also, the account page shows you your billing information that can be changed quickly and easily.

To get to the billing portal, you must enter your email address, and a link is sent to you. This link will forward you to the billingportal.comwebsite, which will show your account. 


According to their website, the products that you get each month from Sprezzabox add up to $100. This means that whichever plan you select could mean a discount of up to 75-80% of the retail price.

According to my experience, the products that you get with Sprezzabox are worth the money. They are high-quality and look good. I was shocked by how perfectly everything comes together and how the designs flow from one accessory to another.

I was pleased with both the quality of the products provided and the style. I can assure you that it’s all worth the money.


One of my favorite parts of being a subscriber to Sprezzabox is the anticipation each month, seeing what is in the box.

It’s actually hilarious, my whole family gathers around the Spezzabox and stares at the box as I open it. They are also excited to see what is inside. My oldest son is excited to see what is inside because he wants to know if there is anything inside the box that I don’t like so he can get it – unfortunately, he is always out of luck.

I am sure you’re going to be the same as me. You are going to be excited to see the Sprezzabox in your mailbox.


The Sprezzabox is a medium-sized box that has a flip-open lid. Once you push away the tissue paper that is neatly surrounding the products, you get to see all the great products inside.

Another great feature of the Sprezzabox is the card that you receive with all the products and prices listed. This is a helpful guide to tell you everything that’s inside the box. I noticed the first time I received a Sprezzabox that products were hidden from view, and could have easily been thrown out. The card lists everything inside the box for that month so that nothing is listed.

The card also tells you the retail price of each product. This is something almost impossible to prove or argue, especially when Sprezzabox themselves makes some of the products. I have never had a problem with their quality, and I’m sure that the retail prices are pretty accurate.


My experience with this subscription is positive. You have to be careful with subscription-based products because it can be a rip-off. Often, you end up paying for products that you would never use or don’t like.

I will say that the first time I received the Sprezzabox, I got a pink tie. It wasn’t my favorite, but I did get a lot of compliments. Sometimes it’s good to expand outside your comfort zone and wear beyond your personal style. This is another reason why I have enjoyed using Sprezzabox – it helps me choose styles that I usually wouldn’t buy for myself.

The Sprezzabox is a well put together subscription box that offers tremendous value.

It helps you stretch your styles and gives you more confidence knowing that a professional stylist picked each style.



If you are thinking about subscribing to Sprezzabox but you’re on the fence deciding if you should buy it or not – do it.

It’s worth the price, it’s enjoyable to get the boxes and you’re going to look great because of it. Use the link below and head over to Sprezzabox right now and subscribe. You’re going to love their products.

If you have any questions or comments, you can ask them below.


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