November 12

Self-Reflection Questions: Why Should I Take the Time to Reflect?


So you’re wondering what the hell is going on with your life? You have no idea where to go from here. That’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Every one of us can get lost in this life once and a while, and for us to get back on track, we need to reflect. I wanted to take some time and look at self-reflection questions and answers and give you an overview of why self-reflection is important.


Self-reflection is when someone just thinks about the decisions that they’ve made that got them to this point in our lives, and how they can improve the next time a decision arises.

Self-reflection is considering the pathway in life, and the decisions that is forming that direction.


I’m not sure if you have ever heard of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, but the Hare, who should have won a race against the Tortoise, got a little sidetracked. The reason for this distraction was the Hare got a little overconfident. Anyways, the Tortoise ends up winning the race, and the Hare learned a hard lesson.

The reason why I’m telling you this story is that after the deflating loss the Hare took some time and reflected on his failure; he realized that if he had focused on the win, and not try to be cocky about his speed, he would have won. If he had focused on the finish line, he would have become even faster than he was already, and that would help in races in the future.


He challenged the Tortoise to a rematch, in which the Tortoise politely declined.

Sealed in the history books for the ages is the compelling story of the Tortoise and Hare, and has been a reminder for many to not be overconfident with your gifts but be sober and focused. No one has learned the lesson more than the Hare, who since losing the race against the Tortoise that unforgettable day, has never lost a race.


All it took was some self-reflection on how the Hare could do better, and it forever changed his life.

Everyone ought to take some time in their life and evaluate where they are and where they want to go. Self-reflection is why I took the time to write this post, and this is why you are here reading it. I want to give you ten simple ways that you can reflect on your life, and evaluate your direction.


#1 – Talk to yourself. Sit down in your favorite chair and interview yourself. As you answer the questions, consider if what you are hearing needs some changes. Do you like what you hear? Are you sure that’s the direction you want to be heading in for the next ten years?

#2 – Quietly consider your life and think about past decisions and future goals.

#3 – Take some paper and write out how you are feeling. You can call the process whatever you want, but getting it out of you, and putting it on the paper is going to help.

#4 – Count your blessings. Take some time and write out all of the positives in your life.

#5 – Reflect on your passion – What do you want to do more than anything else? What excites you in the mornings? Take some time and focus your attention on what makes you tick.

#6 – Get Alone – Separate yourself from all the noise and hustle and get alone to think.

#7 – Motivate – Use this reflection as a way to motivate yourself to be better. Don’t focus on the negative, but use the negative to make you more ambitious to be better.

#8 – Don’t requite – Don’t get discouraged because things are not going well. You need to reflect on what you can do to improve the situation.

#9 – Don’t leave until you’re new – Take all the time that you need to reflect on becoming stronger. Don’t rush the process. I would suggest to take a personal day and use it as a day of recharging your batteries.

#10 – Repeat – This should not be the last time that you reflect on your life. You should do it as often as you need it, and this will help you to stay sharp and focused.

Take the time in your life and evaluate where you are going.

Don’t be ashamed of bad decisions; be ashamed of not learning and growing because of them. You are in the drivers seat of your life and you’re the product of your own ambitions.

Oh, and remember, you’re going to be great.


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