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Hi, I’m Jerry. I want to take some time and explain to you how I created a passive income stream working from home


I’m Jerry, a 40 year old father of 3, a husband to my beautiful wife (and, oh yeah) I’m an internet marketer.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was just like you, searching the internet for a real way to make legitimate money online.

I actually started my exciting affiliate marketing journey trying to make some extra money to take my kids to Disneyland.

disney dream

I remember making my VERY first dollar while I slept. I was pretty excited. I know that it’s only $1, but you’d understand if you ever made money while you're sleeping. 


My First Amazon Check

  *My First Amazon Check

I make far more than a dollar now. Above is a SIMPE website that I built that reviews small kitchen appliances, and now it makes me $1000 a month. The best thing is that $1000 is just the beginning of this site’s potential because it’s only 1 year old.  What could you do with an extra $1000+ a month?

Made my first dollar online

The First Dollar I Made Online

Simple Website Makes $1000 in one Month


How do I make money online? Well, It’s not through online surveys, e-commerce, drop-shipping or an MLM company (I especially hate MLM Companies).

The method that I use to make money online is - *affiliate marketing*

There are so many affiliate programs that it would be impossible to count them all. A simple google search brings up thousands of results. 

To give you a little overview of what affiliate marketing is all about, take a moment and watch the video to your right.

Here are three of the most popular: Amazon Affiliate (Associates), Walmart Affiliate and ClickBank.

Affiliate Marketing is when you direct an audience to a merchant’s website and get a commission if that customer purchases a product.

Have you ever recommended a hotel and received a discount on your next stay? This is basically affiliate marketing ;)

In 2017, businesses paid affiliate marketers over 7 billion dollars in commissions. Affiliate marketing is on the rise, and you can be a part of this billion dollar industry. The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that you can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection. 

Read About the Weirdest Place I've Worked So Far.


Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer.

Everything that I’ve learned about affiliate marketing is because of the awesome community at Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate is more than just a training platform, it’s a community of aspiring entrepreneurs - just like you.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of SCAMS on the internet. I’ll be the first to tell you that I fell for my share of them, but Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam. It’s the #1 recommended place to learn affiliate marketing on the internet right now.


What makes Wealthy Affiliate different than all the other programs on the internet? Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how you can make money online.

WA is like a university for affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the tools and training that you need to become successful with affiliate marketing.

Thousands of people have proven that their blueprint works and that you can good money following it.

  • Earn from 550+ MILLION Products
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  • Live, 24/7 Coaching
What is a niche site and how you can make passive income

If you want to follow my success and make a 4-figure income or more online - Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

Put your wallet away! No credit card information is needed


There are thousands of people that come to Wealthy Affiliate and become success stories. Let me just give you some examples of what people are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. 

Travel The World at 24 Years Old!

Wealthy Affiliate community has been one of the biggest influences in my life. I started as a beginner but as a result I became a full-time online entrepreneur and I have been traveling around the world at 24 years old. My only regret is that I didn't start earlier in WA.


The Solution to Making Money Online

The best kinds of testimonials are ones that tell a small story and include specific details. This is much more powerful than a generic testimonial that simply say "I love this product!" or something similarly vague.


Earn an Income No Companies can Afford as Salary...

Wealthy Affiliate has completely changed my life.

4 years ago, I was still stuck in my cubical working the hours and got caught in the rat race. Time and money were never enough. My family and I had to scrape by.

Fast forward today, Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to earn an income no companies out there can afford as salary. The transition is amazing. If you are still on the fence with Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend that you take a look at it.

Hey! What can you lose with the free trial, right?

Jack Cao

Founder of BareNakedScam.com

*Remember that these are REAL Wealthy Affiliate members. I provided their websites so that you can check them out yourself.

Put your wallet away! No credit card information is needed


That’s the incredible thing about my whole journey! I have been doing affiliate marketing for a long time, and I don’t know how to write one line of code. 

That’s right! I’m not a programmer - not even close.

You need to know a little secret, building a website isn’t really that hard. You just need the right training to know how to begin.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything that you need to build an online business, and you can begin the process for FREE.


The best thing about learning how to make money with affiliate marketing is: 

  • I get to create my own work hours
  • I get to work from home
  • I get to be my own boss
  • I get to enjoy the FREEDOM of working from my LAPTOP anywhere in the WORLD.
10 Reasons why I lobe internet marketing


If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, and the business model that is giving thousands of people a 4-figure income. You need to BEGIN with Affiliate Wealthy today!

Take a chance on yourself, and begin the FREE training. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain: 

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Put your wallet away! No credit card information is needed

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