September 18

My Honest 1&1 Web Hosting Review – Prices May Be Deceiving!

In order to build a professional website and enter the world-wide web, you’re going to need a host, domain name and great design.

For your design?

I recently started using Thrive Architect which has changed the way that I create websites. With Thrive Architect you can build professional websites in real time without knowing any code.

I have been using Thrive Architect for years now and love it.

If you are interested in building a conversion based website, then you're going to need the tools to get the job done.

This leaves us with the host and a domain name.

One popular place to purchase a domain name and a web host is a world leader - 1&1.

I’ve used 1&1 for several years and wanted to give you a quick review of this web host.

1&1 Offers Lots of Options

When scanning through the product section on 1&, you may get a little overwhelmed.

1&1 offers a diversity of hosting options from email, VPS hosting, cloud storage, e-commerce, shared and dedicated hosting and WordPress hosting. This is just a small sample list of the available options on 1&1.

The cheapest option available on is their basic hosting for $12 for the first year.

All of their prices seem to be pretty standard compared to other hosts. Some hosts cost more, and there are also some hosts that are cheaper, but I would say that their price is average.

Uptime is Money

Several people have tested the uptime of 1&1 and discovered that it isn’t as reliable as 1&1 describes. A web host tries hard to make sure that their downtime is as close to zero as possible.

When tested, 1&1 had several downtimes in a 24-hour period. Thought the downtimes were less than two minutes each, it still has the possibility of losing you sales.

Remember, uptime is money!

1&1 Website Builder

It seems that the direction of website design is heading toward builders.

Web builders allow people with little to no experience to build professional websites without the use of code.

I’ve been building website for years and never use code! In fact, I have no idea how to program or write code.

1&1 offers a web builder as well. The builder seems to be easy to use and allows you to get your site up quickly. I find that 1&1’s builder is pretty limited and lacks some important features.

I would recommend that you use a more powerful tool for website design. As I mentioned above, I have been using Thrive Architect for my web design for years. This post and site was created using Thrive Architect.

What Frustrates Me With 1&1

Two significant elements frustrate me with 1&1 hosting. Remember, I have been using 1&1 for a while.

Secret Markups

The first thing is their payment structure. I hate it when they offer hosting for $12 for the first year, and then the price jumps to $8 a month.

A lot of companies are doing this now and there are two reasons why:

The first reason is commitment. Once a website is built no one wants to move it to another host. It takes a lot of work to migrate a website.

If you are a WordPress user you can use a free plugin called All-In-One Migration that will ease the pain of this process.

The second reason why price hikes work is people may not catch the change in price. Can you image the surprise when you’re billed $12 for the first year and then $100 for the following year.

Is this dishonest? You be the judge.

This type of marketing is frustrating for me and I know to others as well.  

I’ve moved a lot of websites for my clients when they realized that they had been fooled by 1&1 or another hosting company.

A lot of Upsells

Another area I hate about 1and1 hosting is their upsells.

1&1 are always upselling you features and packages.

It becomes way too much!

I’ve been billed for several items that I had no idea I even had! I would get a bill for $60, and have no idea why. After a long time on the phone, I would get my money back.

This doesn’t just happen once - It’s always happening. You’re buying products that you don’t want or want to pay for. They offer you free trials so that you signup and then forget all about it. 

This can be a real drag. 

If you are using 1and1 or thinking about buying their products, be careful of their upsells.

Ignorant Support

Thirdly, I'm baffled by their support. They never knew how to fix the issues that I was having. I am not sure if it’s the lack of training or just ignorance on the side of their employees, but if you’ve ever called them, you would know what I am saying.

This is how it would normally go. 

I would call with a question on a particular issue, and they would have no idea how to fix it our what was causing the problem. Even fundamental hosting issues or questions would confuse them, and some would even become upset.

My Recommendation For A Host

I’m an affiliate marketer, so website are a big deal for me. I have built several niche websites over the last couple of years to make an income on online. 

When looking for a great host for affiliate marketing, I decided to use SiteRubix from Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix allows me to build a million dollar website with all the bells and whistles.

They offer a free SSL certificate and great security to make sure my site is safe. SiteRubix also teaches you how to monetize your website with its awesome training.

Best of all, there are no upsells, and they have the best support in the world.

If you are looking for a host that will meet all your needs and allow your website to grow then SiteRubix is best.


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