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Mangools SEO Tools Review – A Top Tool For SEO


Trying to get your content ranked by search engines takes knowledge of SEO and the right tools to get the job done.

Being an internet marketer myself, I’m always researching and trying to discover the best tools to help me get higher in the SERPS.

There are a lot of programs out there, but not all of them are equal to the task. Some of them have wrong data that can hurt your efforts and waste your time.

In this review, I want to give you my opinions as an internet marketer on why I love Mangools SEO Tools, and why I recommend it to anyone interested in making money online, SEO or local SEO.

Mangools tools are broken down into four apps. In this review, I will go over all of them and give you some thoughts on why I believe they are great.

The KeyWord Finder

Finding rankable keywords is how internet marketing works. No matter your niche, finding relevant keywords is imperative to a successful campaign and at the end of the day making money online.

If you are interested in making money online, you can click here and begin my NO-BOSS BLUEPRINT. If you are serious about making money online, you’re going to need tools. Like any profession, the right tools will make all the difference in the world.

This is where Mangools KeyWord Finder (KWfinder) comes into play. Mangools KWfinder is a keyword discovery platform that’s powerful and user-friendly. Six essential features make KWfinder one of the best keyword finder programs available.

Find Rankable Keywords

The KWfinder comes with a real-time difficulty score. This score gives you vital insight on how difficult a keyword is to rank.

Though it’s true that every keyword difficulty score will have its challenges, and can’t always be trusted to be 100% accurate, it’s also true that the KWfinder does an excellent job filtering through the keywords that wouldn’t rank.

As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, it does give you a pretty good idea if a keyword is worth looking into further. You should always double-check all difficulty scores by looking at the SERPs yourself and determining if you would be able to outrank the websites listed.

Mangools uses different metrics to determine its difficulty score such as domain authority, backlinks and social signals.

Find Missing Keywords

There are millions and millions of keywords that are available to focus your attention on. In fact, there are probably millions added every day.

Chasing after the right keywords are vital in my line of work, and finding keywords that others may have missed gives me a significant advantage.

Long-tailed keywords are keywords formed from your initial submission. If I search “how to go fishing” than KWfinder will find hundreds of long-tail keywords related to my original query, this gives me more options on which keyword to target.


As you submit different keywords, KWfinder will give you essential metrics for your consideration.

Top SEO Tools

1. Keyword and keyword variants2. Trends3. Search Volume4. Average Cost per Click5. Competition in PPC6. Keyword SEO Difficulty

One of these critical metrics is how many searches a month or times a keyword is used. Why would you want to rank for a keyword if no one searches for it? There would be no point.

Pin-Point Your Location

One of the best features of KWfinder is localized search results. If you are looking for search volumes in a particular country or even city than KWfinder is your best choice. This precision in search analysis is perfect for local SEO or internet marketing to a specific location.

Make a List

Organizing your data is an integral part of internet marketing. With KWfinder they allow you to create, organize and export your lists.

Digging Deeper

KWfinder gives you a real-time look at the SERP page (Search Engine Result Page). By examining the SERPs, it will enable you to quickly and efficiently look for yourself at what websites you would be competing with to rank.

There are three ways for you to search for keywords with KWfinder. The first way is to do a direct search for specific keywords under the suggestions tab.

The second way is to use their autocomplete tab which completes the phrase that you type in. If I write “make money…” than the autocomplete will begin filling in the rest of that phrase . . .

make money onlinemake moneymake money online in canadamake money fastmake money on youtube

You get the idea. It’s a great tool to dig deeper and find new keywords for you to explore and to rank.

Find Better and More Keywords

An essential part of internet marketing is to target low hanging fruit. Look for keywords that you could rank for easily. If you continually target these low-hanging fruit keywords, you’re going to get high-volumes of traffic in time.

The last tab is “questions”. This tab will display questions related to your submission. What are people asking online? Well, by using the question tab you’ll soon find out.

Give it a try

Another great feature about KWfinder is that you can try it for FREE. Though I enjoy my paid premium account, you can get five searches (every 24 hours) at absolutely no cost. It does come with some restrictions (Only 50 results), but it is FREE.


Having a proper perspective of the SERPS adds the human effect to ranking your content. Over time, the greatest tool for ranking your website is experience. As you grow as an internet marketer, you are going to know your site and abilities. You will know which websites can be outranked and which ones you should leave alone.

SERPChecker does this well. I want to highlight a few features that make SERPchecker a great addition to your SEO toolbox.

Two Views

Two views are available to you. First, there is the analyze view which breaks down the SERPS with over 40 different metrics.

You can easily choose which metrics you want to see so that you are not overwhelmed with what is unnecessary.

The second view is called snapshot. The snapshot view gives you a real-time look at the SERP page.

At the top of each view, you have the search results (the number of results) and the keyword difficulty.

I do want to say that the Keyword Tool (KWfinder) has this checker built in and allows you to see a quick peek at the SERPS for each keyword entered.

Mobile and Desktop

Because search results vary from mobile devices from desktop devices, you can just change how the results are handled at the top of the page.

Like KWfinder, you can also do localized searches right down to the city level, and analyze those results. Altogether, this is a perfect tool for SEO.


The next app that I want to take a peek at is Mangools SERPWatcher.

The purpose of this app is to keep a watchful eye on your website as it rises and falls in the results. This app allows you to watch keywords in the SERPs.

Just add your website and keywords (up to 700 keywords) and let the app do all the work. It will send you notifications if your site reaches the first page of the result page.

It’s Convenient

With SERPWatcher you can see the progress and results of your rankings on one screen.

Using SERPWatcher you can see how many estimated visits your website would be receiving because of each keyword.

It’s Your SEO Assistant

It’s an easy tool that has a bunch of powerful features. It keeps an eye on your ranking for you and sends you a notification if you are on the first page.

It’s the perfect SEO assistant.


The final app that’s included in the Mangools suite is their LINKMiner.

This app allows you to discover backlinks used by your competitor’s websites.

With LINKMiner, you can see a preview of the website, and focus on specific types of backlinks such as blogs, citations or forums.

It’s a great tool to have in your SEO toolbox.

All Included

The Great thing about Mangools tools is that you get all of these products for one monthly price. Each of them is specific to different areas of SEO, and all have their part in helping you get ranked by Google.

The Price

You can get the Mangools tools for a low monthly fee of $49.00 (Basic Plan) and includes 100 searches in a 24 hour period.

For $69.00 a month you get their premium plan (Which is what I use) and get 500 searches every 24 hours.

And for $129.00 a month you can go with their agency plan and get 1200 searches every 24 hours.

If you pay for the whole year you get 40% off.

I Love It!

I love using Mangools and find that it works together perfectly.

The price is reasonable for small businesses, and even if you’re just getting started in SEO, internet marketing or local SEO, you don’t have to break the bank getting a high-quality product.

You can give Mangools a try for FREE and see all of these features in action. I think that the user-friendly design and power features under the hood make it a TOP TOOL for SEO and affiliate marketing.



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