March 1

A Legit Online Job Where You Can Work From AnyWhere in the World – Even 3 Miles in the Middle of a Lake


So, I’m all the way up North this week. I'm in North Bay, Ontario, Canada with some buddies and my laptop.

It's a work day for me, but I'm still enjoying some excellent ice fishing on Lake Nipissing.

We caught some walleye, bass and some perch, but the best part of this is that I could still work, even though I’m on a lake.

That’s right; I’m in the middle of Lake Nipissing 3 miles from the shore making money using the internet.


I'm a very privileged individual because I get to work from anywhere in the world. I don’t need to have a lot to be able to work, just a cell phone reception, and my laptop.

This is what I did. 

I took my iPhone and created an internet hotspot, and then got connected to the world-wide-web. Once connected, I'm able to start building out my website like the post that I'm writing right now.

Pretty cool, right?

I can be anywhere, as long as I have an internet connection.

With the internet, I can be working on my site. ​

There are so many positives with having an online business. To start, my online business is a passive income.

This means that while I'm fishing in the North, I can be making money.

Websites don’t go to sleep. 

I don't have to be continually selling or trying to make a sale - my website does that for me - 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


I worked very hard over the years and created a REAL online business.

That's the difference between something that works and all the scams out there online. It takes time! You have to continue to work hard even when you don’t see results.​

It will pay off in time. 

Living the Laptop Lifestyle in the North

So here is a little secret for you.

Do you want to work from anywhere? Do you want to live the laptop lifestyle?

Don't be fooled by people promising you FREE money. When I first started online I fell for my share of scams.

There is no such thing as FREE money. You have to earn success, and what you put into something is what you will get back one day.


When you follow my no-boss blueprint, you will be investing in your future with minimal risk. In fact, you will be able to begin your training for FREE. No cost.

You're going to learn how you can build a website, drive traffic to that website and make money with affiliate marketing. It's easy.

There are five essential steps to my blueprint.

1. You Need to Want to Learn

If you are not willing to learn something new then you are going to struggle going forward with anything that you do.

You can’t just want a passive income. You have to desire to learn and grow as a person.

2. You Need to Invest Time

Your most prized resource is your time. You will never get to the finish line and work from anywhere if you’re not willing to spend some time.

There are no secret buttons that causes money to rain down on you. 

There are no systems that will guarantee you a passive income if you purchase and utilize.

You have to use your time to build a legit business. 

3. You Need to Know How to Start

This is where I come into the equation.

I'm going to teach you everything that you need to begin. Once you learn the fundamentals, you can soar.

Where do you start? You need to head over to Wealthy Affiliate and great your free account. Here, you’re going to get the training you need to begin. 

4. Don't be Critical

As you read this, you might be thinking that you won’t be able to understand or do what I’m saying.

You need to remember that you’re a smart person, and that this isn’t difficult stuff. You can and will be successful in affiliate marketing.

5. Be Patient

I almost quit!

It took me four months before I saw my first dollar with affiliate marketing.

My first dollar with Affiliate Marketing

There was a day that I almost packed it all up and gave up.

So many people begin affiliate marketing and give up before they see success.

The sad thing about all of this is that they are so close to victory when they give up.

If you are going to work from anywhere, you need to follow my blueprint and just be patient.

Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your website.

Learn, develop and wait!

Work from anywhere

I think of my blueprint as an investment.

You are building away on your online business in hopes that it will pay out in the long run. 

Alright, I got to go back fishing.

I just thought that I would throw some information on here for those that are looking to make some extra money and make an investment in their future.

Head over to Wealthy Affiliate right now and begin the FREE training. 

Start your future dreams today!


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