September 26

Is VIPKID a Legit Way to Make Money Online or is it a Scam?


Are you frustrated of looking for money making opportunities, but end up getting stuck in a scam?

You’ve looked at some different options: online surveys, data entry, an MLM company and lately you’ve heard some noise about VIPKID.

Let's dive into Vipkid, and see what it's all about and if it's something that you should be pursuing.

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is a website that allows qualified teachers to teach Chinese students English (English as a Second Language).

The site was founded in 2013 by Cindy Mi, and since it’s inception has grown into a prominent business. Today VIPKID is valued at 3 billion dollars, making it a unicorn or a private company worth over one billion dollars.

VIPKID is not for everyone; if you enjoy teaching or have experience teaching, and would love to enrich children by teaching them a second language - VIPKID may be for you.

Once accepted as a teacher (it’s a pretty detailed application) on the VIPKID platform, you’re available to be selected as a teacher.

As you build relationships with parents and start to get recurring students, you have the potential to make decent income.

Remember that VIPKID is not just about the money; it’s an excellent opportunity to do good in this world. You get to meet kids from the other side of the world and positively impact their life.

The mission of VIPKID is what attracts most users to this unique platform.

Getting Started

To get started with VIPKID you must have a Bachelor’s degree. Their customers care about the level of education that’s provided, and so if you do not have a Bachelor’s degree then you cannot continue. 

I suggest that you check out my recommendation on how you can make a monthly passive income online without any education at all. You can begin learning for free.

Not only are you required to have a Bachelor's degree, but you're also expected to have some teaching experience.

Though it is true that VIPKID does not specify how much experience you’re required, you will need to have some classroom experience to proceed.

I do not think that they are as strict on this area as they are with having a college degree, but it would be good to have some experience with teaching for your sake and the child's.

If you have a have a Bachelor's degree and teaching experience then you can take the next steps in becoming an online ESL teacher.

Before you go any further with VIPKID, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment to do the job.

VIPKID requires:

1. A stable internet connection
2. A computer (This should do the trick, I love mine!)
3. A Webcam
4. A Headset

You want to make sure that your equipment is current so that you do not face any interruptions. Click on the items above and get my best recommendations.

Be aware that VIPKID requires a minimum 6-month commitment once your application is accepted. Vipkid doesn't want you to be a part of this platform if you are not committed on giving it your best. They desire the best for the students, and so they make the application strenuous in hopes of discouraging the casual users.

The Application Process 

The application process is very detailed and takes a bit of time.

It could take a total of 4 hours and five mins to get your application completed, and you to a position to sign a contract to begin.

Take your time and carefully begin the process knowing that it can and may take you a while.

There are five significant steps included in this application:

1. Begin by filling out your primary information. This includes your name, gender, education and teaching experience.

2. Demo Lessons. Record yourself teaching or teach in front of a recruiter. This part of the application process is to demonstrate your teaching ability.

3. Certification. Now you need to learn how you are supposed to teach and engage the students. This part of the application process is all about training and preparing you to excel in the program.

4. Teach a full-length class with another Vipkid teacher.

5. Sign your contract, upload some documents and complete the background check.

Now you're a Vipkid teacher, and you can start taking on students of your own.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

This is the exciting news! VIPKID pays an average of $7-$9 per 30 minutes of teaching. That's not bad - $18 an hour. 

There is the potential of raises as well, and bonuses along the way.

Your base pay will be determined by how well you did on your mock teaching class. After your 6-month contract is up, then you may receive a pay increase.

Payment is direct deposit which is very convenient, and payment is made on the 10th and 15th of each month.

Remember that as far as VIPKID is concerned, you’re an independent contractor. This means that you are responsible for your own taxes.

The Cons

There are only three significant complaints with VIPKID that I have heard online. 

1. It's Time Demanding

You can only cancel six times within six months! Also, you get charged $10 for every lesson you cancel.

I understand why this would be enforced, they want consistency with their teachers, but sometimes life happens.

It’s true that VIPKID can add extra stress to your life by adding a very demanding schedule to the mix.

The last thing that we need is more commitment, I’m I right? That’s why I recommend affiliate marketing for making money online.

2. Poor Communication 

A platform where most of your customers cannot speak English will produce confusion.

Whether it's a review that isn't interpreted correctly or feedback that isn't understood, many teachers complain that the platform needs a better way of communication between the teachers and parents.

3. Bad Support

We know that customer service is at the heart of every great company. This isn’t quite the case at VIPKID yet. Many complain that the support for problems within the system lags on and on and it's hard to get solutions quickly.

This can be both frustrating to the teachers and parents.

 Can I make Money With VIPKID? 

It’s challenging to make a consistent income with VIPKID, but it is impossible!

Several people are ESL teachers and are making a part-time income doing so. VIPKID is a great online platform that allows you to reach people that you would normally never meet.

Is VIPKID right for you? 

There are some positives about partnering with this company:

1. You get to work at home
2. You get to create your own schedule
3. You get to help others and teach English to children

At the same time, there are many negatives with working with VIPKID:

1. It can be demanding, and you can't cancel
2. It's difficult to get approved
3. If you always have to cancel it could end up costing you more than you make.

VIPKID is a legit business with a great purpose.

Many around the world have shared their vision, and we've seen celebrities also partner with this great cause. One major investor who believes in the product and mission is Kobe Bryant.

Though I believe that this is a real way that you can potentially make money online, it is still just trading time for money and there is no practical way to make a passive income stream.

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