September 19

Is Usborne Books A Scam? Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


If you have been searching online for ways to make some extra money, or are encouraged by a friend or family member to join Usborne Books to make money. I’m glad that YOU found my post. 

In this post, you’re going to learn why Usborne might not be your best way to earn a passive income.

What Is Usborne Books?

Usborne Books is a distributor of children and young adult's books. Built on an MLM business structure, Usborne books encourage individuals to sign up as a “consultant" or as independent distributor and host parties to sell to family and friends.

According to Usborne's website, they state that you should, "Make a list of everyone that you know who might be interested in hosting an Usborne home show or event."

Company Foundation

Founded in the UK in 1973 by Peter Usborne, the company opened a direct-sales or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) division in 1981 called Usborne Books at Home.

Company Products

Usborne books has a solid product line developed by ex-writers, producers and designers. While most MLM company is focused on their payment structure and ignore their products, Usborne Books has a quality product and was started by those that have a love for reading and books.

Company Awards

They have several awards under their belts as well. In 2015 they won the UK Private Business of the year award, and in 2014 they were named Independent publisher of the year and children's publisher of the year.

Can You Make Money With Usborne Books?

Let’s say I wanted to start making money with Usborne books, how would I begin to do so? Well, you have to sell! 

Culstantants make a 25% to 30% commission on the books that they sell to their friends and family.

Steps to Making Money

You get one of your friends to host a party. Why would they want to? The incentives, of course! They get 10% of the total amount purchased at the party to buy books. They also get 20%-50% discounts on top of the 10% back for buying books.

If you would like to expand your sales efforts into schools than you can purchase their Educational Consultant Kit which allows you to make 20% on books that you sell to schools.

If a school contacts Usborne Books looking for books (Which they will give discounts of bulk orders), then Usborne Books will connect them with a local consultant.

Rinse And Repeat

To make money, you would have to host parties over and over again.

From one party to another, again and again. 

Doesn’t this sound like a great time to you?

Usborne's Commissions

Usborne's commissions are pretty standard for an MLM company.

According to their website, the commission structure looks like this:

Our Commission Program in a Nutshell…

Sell Usborne books… earn money.
Sell MORE Usborne books… earn MORE money.
Find friends to sell Usborne books… earn EVEN MORE money!
They find friends to sell Usborne Books… earn LOTS MORE money!

Base Commission for Selling Usborne Books

Internet Sales: 25%
Home Shows: 25%
Book Fairs: 17%
Booth Events: 44% gross profit (minus booth fee/expenses)
Cards for a Cause Fundraiser: 10%
Reading Incentive Programs: 30%+
Direct to Schools/Libraries: 20-25%

The negative and positive with Usborne Books is that there is little focus on recruitment.

The positive is that MLM companies that focus entirely on recruitment lean toward a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid. The negative is that recruitment is the only way that MLM consultants can make money.

I’m not trying to be a hypocrite (I’m not saying that downlines are good!), but everyone that makes money with MLM companies (only .5% make more than 9K), use recruitment and a downline as their focus.

MLM consultants lean heavily on downlines to sift commissions off those they sign up. If there are no downlines than it takes longer to create a passive income, and harder to make a regular profit.

Can you make money with Usborne Books? 


But after a while, you're going to drain your friends and family, and unless you're connected with the right people and customer streams - the book will come to its final chapter (I had too!)

Usborne Books has great products and an award winning company as their foundation, but like all MLM companies it’s hard to succeed. 

Is Usborne Books A Scam?

Nope. Usborne Books is not a scam.

It's a weak MLM business that does has decent products, decent commissions, but it's hard to make a residual passive income.

Its negatives are the same as all MLM businesses in that they focus on selling to their friends and family, and you have to go through the hassle of hosting sales parties.

According to their website,

If you host a party and people buy $400 in books, you will get a commission of  $100.

A party that sells $1000 in books, you’d get commissions of $250.

I think you get the idea.

Learn the Way I make A Passive Income Online

Though Usborne Books has great products, a reputable name, and does have potential to make money, there is a better way. 

I have reviewed several online money making systems and MLM's, and I want to explain to you the best way for you to make money online.

I have reviewed several online money making systems and MLM's, and I want to explain to you the best way for you to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing is the internet gold rush, and you can join in on this exciting new adventure.

Learn the success stories of so many people, and how you can work from home or anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions or comments, please write them below. 

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