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Is the Amazon Affiliate Program Worth Your Time? All Your Questions Answered

All Your Questions Answered About the Amazon Affiliate Program

If you have a blog or you’re thinking of creating a blog, one of the questions that you may have with blogging is how can you make money. 

There are several ways which you can monetize a blog: advertisements, affiliate programs or creating a useful info product are just a few.

Maybe you’ve heard of people that are making money from promoting Amazon products online.

Amazon niche sites are trending today; there are a lot of people that build a website on a specific topic or product and try to get that site ranked in Google.

The goal is that people will purchase those promoted Amazon products and their website will become profitable.

Amazon websites are profitable!

As we consider the opportunity to use Amazon’s affiliate program, I want to take this time and answers some important questions related to using the Amazon Associates program and give you the confidence that you need to begin your very own Amazon niche site.

Below are the most common questions online that people have before starting their website or starting with the Amazon affiliate program.

What is an Amazon Niche Site?

An Amazon affiliate website is also called a niche site.

It’s a website that reviews products from Amazon and directs people over to Amazon (using an affiliate link) to make a purchase.

An Amazon niche website is a great way to create a passive income, and some sites have grown to make several thousand a month.

As mentioned above, the Amazon Associates program works and can generate for you a 4 or 5 figure monthly passive income.

Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Really Work?

Yes. The Amazon affiliate program works. In fact, I know people that are making a lot of money each month just from Amazon.

How much money can you expect to make with a successful Amazon affiliate site? On average people are making between $1K-5K. That’s pretty good!

The key to a successful niche website is getting traffic to your site. The most common way of getting traffic to your website is SEO. SEO is getting indexed and ranked on Google so that people find your blog naturally as they search for answers to their pressing questions.

Let’s say a good average is $25 for every 1,000 page views. If you have 40,000 page views on your website, you’re looking at about 1k a month.

Now, remember this is just an average, and it depends on how much the product costs that you’re promoting. If the product costs $10 than the commission would only be 40 cents, and if your product costs too much money, then fewer people will click to Amazon and purchase.

I believe the sweet spot for product price is around $100.

Also, get away from the computer and think about who purchases the product your promoting and where they buy it.

Some products will never be purchased on Amazon. You need to be aware of this.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Program Payout?

Once you make money with Amazon, there are two options for payment. You can receive an Amazon gift card which is credited to your Amazon account, or you can get a check.

Get Paid by Check With Amazon

If you decided that you want a check, then there is a $15 fee to process that check. Also, there is a minimum amount of $100 for every check that’s sent.

Does Amazon Affiliate Cost Money?

No. It’s absolutely free.

Even though there is no cost to apply as an Amazon affiliate, there is a requirement of making 3 qualified sales in the first 180 days.

If you fail to make at least three qualified sales in your first 180 days, then you are forced to reapply and begin again.

In my opinion, it’s better to begin your website first and get a steady stream of traffic before applying for an Amazon account.

It’s easy to monetize your site later, go to Google Analytics and find the top three pages with the highest page views. Create a product page (with your Amazon Affiliate links) and send people to that page from the pages with the most traffic.

It’s a simple project and can be done in one afternoon.

Can I Post Amazon Affiliate Links On Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram?

You can, but that’s called spam.

No one likes spam, it’s annoying. I am sure that you have experienced spam online before and take a moment how you felt.

If you are going to be a successful Amazon affiliate, then you need to stay away from spam and help people with their problems.

This is why blogging is the easiest way to make money using the Amazon affiliate program. When you blog you answer real questions and solve real problems.

You may be wondering how you can begin a blog? Well, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build a professional blog and gives you the training that you need, and you can start for free. Click here for more information.

Don’t work at that awful job any longer! Take life by the horns and spread your wings and fly! 

How’s that for an ad push? 

Can I Put Amazon Affiliate Links on Youtube?

Yep. It happens all the time.

Youtube is an excellent platform for adding affiliate links because it gives you the option of adding live links to the bottom of all your videos.

I encourage that you utilize this awesome opportunity.

If you are creating a video about the best coffee mug in the world, and you create a really helpful video on why you have chosen a specific mug on Amazon and why you love it.

Adding Affiliate Links to your Youtube Videos

Add that affiliate link to the bottom of your video. If that video goes viral, then the number of clicks and purchases would be huge.

Can You Use Amazon’s Affiliate Program on WordPress?

You sure can. I actually encourage that you do.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should build your Amazon niche site with WordPress. I’m so convinced that it’s the best platform for bloggers and affiliate marketers that I wrote an entirely separate article about it here.

Does Amazon Affiliate’s Program Pay for Clicks?

No. Amazon gives you a commission only for purchased products. If someone clicks on your affiliate ID tag (or affiliate link) and buys a product, you get a commission.

Amazon will add a 24-hour cookie (a small script that tells Amazon that you were the one that referred the customer to the site), and if they purchase within the 24-hour period – you get paid.

This is why it’s important to choose products that don’t take a lot of research before a purchase. After the 24-hours, you’ve lost the sale.

An example would be a laptop or camera. Most people take forever before finally hitting the buy now button on a camera or laptop (I know that I did). When they read your review on a MacBook Pro that is on Amazon, they probably will leave your site and read a hundred more reviews before they actually make a purchase.

Choose products that are quick sales.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Commissions?

The Amazon commission structure is as follows:

Amazon’s Commissions

What is an Amazon Affiliate ID Tag?

Your Amazon affiliate id tag is also called an affiliate link.

It’s a link that redirects to an Amazon product. It has your unique signature on it so that you credit if someone purchases a product.


Thanks for reading this post and I hope that it answers all your questions about Amazon’s Affiliate Program. There is a great opportunity to make money online with an Amazon niche site. Think about the freedom of working from anywhere in the world? It would be awesome!

If this is something that you would like to try, click here and read about my story and success.


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