November 7

Get Inspired – 10 Ways to Inspire You to Greatness


I hope that you’re having a fantastic Tuesday. I’m sitting in my home office sipping a cup of java and was wondering what to write. I was seeking for inspiration – then it hit me! Why not write about inspiration itself.

If you’re feeling a little less-inspired today, I have a post that will put a smile on your face. Whether you need the inspiration to write a song, paint a materpiece or workout; I want to give you my top ten ideas on how you can get inspired.

1. Journaling

Keep a journal on what is happening in your life. As you record your feelings, events, failures, and successes, it will give you a guide to look back on and use as inspiration.

2. Seek Out Information – Read or search the web

Hit an old fashion book or take a newer route and surf the internet. We are living in the age-of-information; inspiration is everywhere we look.

3. Focus on Your Dreams

Who do you want to be? What are your goals? If you are having problems hitting the gym than focus on that body that you want. As you focus on the future you, it will inspire you to workout longer and harder.

4. Motivate a Friend, and Hopefully, They Return the Favor

Take some time and inspire someone around you. Encourage friends and family to be better and stronger than they have ever been.

As you take time and inspire others around you, hopefully, they return that favor and encourage you.

5. Don’t Over-Analyze

Don’t take a lot a time over-analyzing every thought or idea. Inspiration is a free-flowing concept and cannot hinder it by over-thinking everything.

Just relax and spur out those ideas. It doesn’t matter if they sound dumb, keep the ideas flowing – sooner or later you’re going to hit gold.

6. Be Still For One Hour.

In our busy world, it’s hard just to be still and concentrate. Take ONE HOUR and be still. Concentrate on the subject before you and allow your mind to relax.

You would be amazed what you hear when you are listening.

7. Change-up your Routine

Sometimes we are less-inspired because each day is the same. From one event to another there is no real excitement or change in our daily habits. In search of inspiration, take some time and change things up. I think it’s important to have some variety in life – Do things differently, take a different route home, or change your tie.

8. Hang with Movers-and-Shakers

If inspiration is what you are seeking than hang around with people that like to shake the crib. Keep company with individuals that want to accomplish something in their life. Get around these types of people and then just be quiet and listen.

9. Examine Your Failures

Some of the most significant inspiration is found in failure. If we examine our failures in life, we’re going to see the recipe for success. So, take some time and look through the mistakes or bad decisions that you made and inspire yourself never to make them again.

When I would fail at a task, I had to learn that failure, if responded to correctly, is actually a good thing. We are all going to fail at one point in our life, and that failure will give us a great stepping-stone to become better than we were before.

10. Do Something That Scares You

My last point may seem a little out of place. In some pretty scary places, you’ll find inspiration. If you can’t find the inspiration button in your life today; I would do something that you think you can’t do.

When you step out and accomplish something that you feel is beyond your ability – you’re going to be inspired.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope that you found inspiration today. I hope today you accomplish great things.

Oh, I almost forgot.

You’re going to be great.





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