September 20

Five Minute Profit Sites Scam: Their Secrets Revealed


Hey, thanks for checking out my site and congrats for checking out products and reviewing them before jumping into a purchase.

The internet can be a pretty scary place! You can’t let your desire to make money trump your of common sense.

You always want to be careful when you find a product online that seems too good to be true.

Even if a product looks like a good product, it’s important to do your research and read reviews to make sure that it’s not a scam.

The product that we’re looking at today is Five Minute Profit Sites, and going to investigate to see if this is a scam or is it a legit way to make money online.

I'm disappointed that this product is even on ClickBank. Clickbank is a highly respected affiliate site and usually carries excellent products.

Lately, these types of products have been becoming more and more  plentiful on ClickBank.

I recently went through their Clickbank University 2.0 and enjoyed the videos and information.

With that being said, I believe you can tell the direction this post is going to take.

What is The Five Minute Profit Sites all About?

Take a moment and imagine you're walking down the street and someone comes up to you and stuffs $519 in your pocket.

That’s right, FREE money

Why $519? It’s just a number off the top of my head. It shouldn’t make you one bit suspicious. lol.

So, they come up to you with $519 and just give you the money. You don’t have to do anything, all you have to do is shake the person’s hand and accept this wonderful gift.

Do you think that this sounds crazy that a stranger would be so generous that they would give you $519 every day?

Do you think that this even possible?

Would someone give you money for free, for absolutely no reason at all?

Free money is what Five Minute Profit sites claim to do for you.

They say that they have some “proprietary software” that exploits a 12.3 million dollar loophole and with a single landing page you're going to make you a lot of money.

With this software, you get a landing page which is supposed to be high converting, to the point that it will make you $519 a day in just 17 clicks.

Follow their directions: 

1. Connect your Clinkbank to FMPS
2. Add a Domain Name for Your Landing Page
3. Connect An Email Autoresponder to FMPS (AWeber)
4. Drive traffic to your landing page
5. Someone stuffs $519 in your pocket every day

Does it sound nuts? Yep. It is.

I have to be honest! If I had some proprietary software that really could be making me $519 a day, I would be keeping it for myself.

Is this just hype or can you make money in only five minutes without any effort?

I decided to give it a try to see if you can really could make money with Five Minute Profit Sites.

I entered my email address to get my free licence and what do I see? It’s not free at all.


This is just the beginning of their sales funnel. The upsells and hidden costs keep rolling in.

Below is a sample of their upset structure. 

They force you to purchase an AWeber account and won’t let you continue without one. That's another $19 a month for the email autoresponder!

Wait? Who pays for the traffic to the site?

You Do! 

So, this free licence could turn into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The promise of a free licence is just “Click-Bait” to get you to add your email address. Once you've entered into their sales funnel than it's one upsell after another. 

Really, it’s a lie.

There are 5 Reasons Why I Cannot Recommend Five Minute Profit Sites

1. There Are Lots of Upsells and Hidden Costs

The deception begins on the very first page. The fact that they say you can get a FREE licence for their software and then you're transferred to a sales page blows my mind!

[mind blown]

If they are lying about the price could they also be lying about the results?

2. What Are You Actually Paying For? 

They don't sell you a service or product, so why are you paying? You spend money on something that you'll never own.

You can't edit the landing page or make changes to the funnel.

Anytime someone sells you something, but there is no product or service to use or own - be cautious.

They are not selling you a product or service but a dream that you can make money online. 

There is a real way that you make money online that is more than just a fairy tale that forces you to pay money to read. Check out my recommended way to build a real online business and make a passive income from home.

3. It's an Affiliate Web

Affiliates are marketing this product every day trying to make themselves a bunch of money.

Because many affiliates are motivated by greed, they write dishonest reviews trying to get you to sign up and buy this product.

I’ve been a part of ClickBank for years, and have purchased and promoted some of their products.

I'm cautious only to promote products that I believe in and that honestly help those that purchase the product.

Some affiliate marketers could care less about the legitimacy of the product; they spew out numbers hoping that people will believe the hype, and purchase the product so that they can leave with a commission.

This isn’t right, and makes it hard to separate between help or hype.

For the record, this product is just hype, so be careful that you don’t fall into the affiliate marketing web and believe untrue marketing methods, just to make a sale.

4. A Mystery Owner

There is no owner listed on the site anywhere.

In my research, no one has a clue who even created this product.

But, it gets even better. 

I found several sources that state that this product is just a cycled product on ClickBank. It pops up on ClickBank for a while, and then is discontinued, but pops up again later with a different name and message.

Sounds like to me that once people start to catch on to their little scam that they refresh the product under a new identity.

5. It’s Just Hype!

There are no secret systems that are going to make you money online without effort.

This “secret program” isn’t true.

Remember the story I told you, about getting a handful of cash randomly without hard work or effort? Well, you're smart enough to know that this doesn't happen.

Five Minute Profit Sites uses hyped up (outdated pictures) of income proofs, and obsolete traffic methods that just don’t work today.

You've earned what you have, and you work for what you'll get. Simple.

Stay clear of these secret systems or program schemes that promise you hyped up results with very little time, money and resources.

 Is Five Minute Profit Sites a scam?

Yep. I would say that it's a scam.

I would say that it's aimed at amateur online marketers who don't understand how to make money online in an honest way.

It preys on those that want a quick buck. 

Sadly, these people end up spending a fortune for nothing

The hyped up claims and the hidden fees is a textbook scam in my books.

I would run as far away from Five Minute Profit Sites as you can, and any other secret programs that offers you the same results.

You may be thinking . . . yeah but . . .

ClickBank does offer a 60-day money back guarantee!

If you spent money on this scam, go get your money back now! Be warned that ClickBank doesn’t always play nice when it comes to their money back guarantee. Also, you’re not going to get your money back on ads and money spent to accumulate traffic.

What is a better way to make money online?

The best way to make money online is not using a secret program or system, but using affiliate marketing the right way.

Affiliate marketing is effective when you're helping people to solve the problems that they face each day.

I made a passive income online using the training I received from Wealthy Affiliate.

The best back is that you can join for FREE and begin your training today. 

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. 


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