February 17

Digital Altitude Scam – My Experience With Aspire

Update 2018: Digital Altitude is a scam according to the FTC.

When I first started looking to make money on the internet, I began with Digital Altitude. I did a quick search on Google for "MLM businesses that make you money" because a friend of mine was making good money selling beauty products through a MLM company.

As I did some research and began to read about people's experiences with Digital Altitude, I began to get intrigued.

Digital Altitude Scam

Everyone wants to have the laptop lifestyle that so many people talk about. They want to work from the beach or the pool. But is Digital Altitude everything that they claim that it is?

I decided to buy their trial, and I began to take their courses.

This is what I had experienced with the Digital Altitude platform. 

The Teaching

First of all, the courses were very vague. Now I was only in the trial so maybe that was the reason. I found that they didn't teach me about how to build an online business;  they just kept telling me their business model and that money could be made.

The whole premise of their business model is to sell higher tier products. When you sell expensive products, you get higher commissions and only have to sell a couple of products to make a lot of money. You can sell 100 products with a $2 commission and get $200 in commissions, or you could sell one product that pays $200 in commissions.


Digital Altitude Scam

This is all standard knowledge in my opinion. We know that higher tiered products do pay more substantial commissions, but how do you sell them? That's the question that I was never taught.

Their Motivation 

Digital Altitude gives you a "personal coach" that you can call or chat with, and they are supposed to motivate you to success.

This is a part of their business model as well. They say that with Digital Altitude you get this coaching that is essential to help you succeed. Don't get me wrong I think mentoring is fantastic, but something was off with their coaches.  

They are more or less a salesperson that's supposed to convince you to purchase the higher tier so that you can live out your dreams.

"What are your dreams?" my coach would keep asking. 

MLM businesses pay out BIG commissions when someone makes the sale. MLM salespeople are aggressive and are continually trying to convince you that you need their product.

Have you ever been hassled by someone that's apart of an MLM business? I have and it's annoying. The MLM business model is brilliant though, why not get customers to become salespeople? - that makes perfect sense to me.

Every time I was on a SKYPE call with my "personal coach", I felt like I was being sold to. The moment that my sales coach was positive that I wasn't a customer - he didn't bother with me anymore.

I found that their focus was not to HELP YOU but to SELL to you. In other words, they were constantly trying to make a sale. That's all.

What about my online business? 

Success Stories

So to be clear, I never was told how to build an online business or taught how I could sell their products to make profit.

I was always told that I could make a lot of money and given countless success stories of people that made money through their platform.

The people that were successful (That they were always mentioning) all had found success before joining Digital Altitude. It wasn't the company that taught them how to become a success, but they just added Digital Altitude to an already successful social media profile, website, youtube channel or any other way they market to people.

I'm trying to tell you that Digital Altitude didn't teach these people anything. They just promoted Digital Altitude to their audience so that they could gain the commissions.

The Price to Join 

So how much does Digital Altitude cost? That's a good question. When I joined, I was so confused at their pricing model. I couldn't find out anywhere how much I was supposed to pay for this training course. Remember, I am using the one-month FREE TRIAL.

When my course came to an end, I was shocked to learn what I would have to pay to continue this training.

Digital Altitude Scam Revealed

Aspire. ($37 or $67 per month) Digital Business Sales System. You get business training videos, a client for life coaches who are incentivised to help you over the long term, back-end products, merchant & payroll services, networking, support, and live chat for your business websites.

Base. ($597) Digital Business Mastery Course. How to set up business goals, financials, brands, websites. It's the practical side of things, what they don't always teach in business school.
Rise. ($1,997) Digital Marketing Mastery Course. This is the advanced version of “Base”.

Ascend. ($9,997) Digital Business Profit Workshop. This is a three-day workshop event held in Las Vegas.

Peak. ($16,997) Business Prosper Retreat. This is a five-day all-inclusive retreat for two. Learn from business leaders and listen to great speakers

Apex. ($27,997) Digital Business Legacy Experience. 7-day all-inclusive retreat for two. Now your speakers will be asset management and investing experts since by the time you reach this level your only worries will be how to invest all the money you've made by climbing Micheal Force's mountain of success.

Another important fact to know, you can only sell the tier that you have joined. If I was an Aspire member I couldn't sell anyone the Base, or Rise or Peak. You get what I am trying to say, right? You have to pay out the big bucks if you are going to make a good profit and paying out doesn't mean that you're going to succeed.

This MLM company will have you paying a bucket load of cash, and there is no real training on how to build a reliable online business that will earn you money in the long run.

Is the information that you'll learn good? I'm sure that the information taught is valuable, but it's not going to give you the tools and training that you're going to need to make it online.

After I decided that Digital Altitude was not for me, I decided to try Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online community of people that want to build an online business and make money from home.

Find Great Keywords using Jaaxy

With Wealthy Affiliate, I was trained how to build a website, how to use SEO to rank my site and find KEYWORDS that would rank on common search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate helped me build a great site and BEST OF ALL - I STARTED FOR FREE!! I learned far MORE from the FREE courses on Wealthy Affiliate than joining the free trial of Aspire by Digital Altitude. 

After the training with Aspire, I still had no clue about affiliate marketing. I learned more the first day with Wealthy Affiliate than the entire course with Aspire.

If You're looking to grow and learn in the world of affiliate marketing, your best choice is Wealthy Affiliate. You're going to get the tools that you need to become a real online internet marketer.

The real deal! 

Make Money Online

It's a no-brainer to me. Below is the link for Wealthy Affiliate where you can join and begin training for free.

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