September 28

Clickbank University 2.0: A Comprehensive Review

Is it possible to make money with Clickbank? Isn’t that what you really want to know. If it is possible to make money using Clickbank then how do you do it?

Clickbank University 2.0 is a training series that teaches you everything that you need to know about making money with Clickbank. You may be wondering why you should continue reading this blog post.

The answer is simple. I’ve gone through all the lessons with Clickbank University 2.0, and now I want to give you my honest opinion.

Should you bother purchasing this training platform? 

Below I’m going to walk you through the entire process from buying the product to going through the training.Let’s break this down and make it simple.


Clickbank University  2.0 (an upgraded edition) is an online training portal designed to teach you how to market and create a Clickbank product (vendor) or market someone else’s product and make money online (affiliate).Affiliate Marketing is enormous, and the opportunity is available to anyone today. With the opportunity of affiliate marketing you can work from anywhere in the world.  

​Many affiliate marketers are leveraging the power of Clickbank to make an income online. Clickbank has a ton of digital products that you can market on your blog, youtube channel or email marketing list.

One problem affiliate virgins may encounter is wasting a lot of money and time trying to get started with affiliate marketing; they have no idea what do do or how they can begin. Clickbank University 2.0 gives you the proper training from successful internet marketers on how to accurately market Clickbank products, create your own products and make money on the internet.

There are several online platforms that will teach you about affiliate marketing.  I have been using Wealthy Affiliate for years, and have learned so much from their training.

Clickbank is different because it’s designed directly to those marketing Clickbank products. But is it worth the money? Let’s take a more in-depth look.

I purchased the product for $47 (a month), and right away I’m asked to buy a lifetime membership for their builder.

The price for this builder? Two payments of $297, one payment now and then one in 30 days.

Is It Worth 600?

What do you get for this almost $600 purchase?

  • Create unlimited membership and product sites
  • Build unlimited opt-in pages for building email lists
  • High converting templates*Free Hosting
  • Easy point and click editing*Advanced Features (They don’t tell you what they are)
  • Step by Step training

I purchased the online software and was very disappointed.

I found the designs weak and the software sluggish.

Whatever you do, please don’t purchase this product! This product is not worth the price that they‘re asking you to pay. My suggestion would be to purchase Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect is excellent for building website landing pages, blog posts, opt-in pages and squeeze pages. It has a ton of options, it’s easy to use and produces first-class looking sites.

After declining the offer, I’m asked again. What?!

These people do not give up.

This time Clickbank is willing to split the expense up into seven payments of $97. That’s funny! Now it would cost me $700 to purchase the software.

​Is It Worth $700?

uuummm. . . . no!One thing is for sure, they love their upsells. They are true internet marketers. They actually teach you how to do this inside the training. lol.Moving on. As we proceed to the next page, we are asked if we would like to purchase their “advanced training series.”

This is actually called their “Ultimate Case Study” inside the training portal.  

More upsells. 

What do you get?*Advanced Training to help grow your online business *35 HD Behind-the-scenes videos of Clickbank University’s success *Proven Strategies for increasing traffic, sales and your email list *The Strategies, Sequences, And Methods Behind Millions In SalesLet’s purchase it and see what it’s all about. I purchased the Clickbank University 2.0 and the Ultimate Case Study, but I didn’t get a username and password. 

I decided to chat with customer support and see if they could help me out – nope. They said to send an email to support. I’m just waiting for a response. So, I haven’t heard from the Clickbank support all day, but I remembered that I could just reset my password from the login. I got a new password, and I’m in business.

Update: I finally heard from support a day later. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in any hurry!

Okay, let’s take a look around.

The lessons are divided into two parts: affiliates and vendors. Affiliates are marketing other people’s products, and vendors create their own products and seek out affiliates.

Affiliates Training

There are about 35 classes (I quickly tried to count them, it’s a 8 Week course) on how to build an online business by marketing digital products found on Clickbank. The business model is simple. Find a niche, create an opt-in page and build a mailing list. Then send useful products to purchase and helpful information to your list.That’s really it.There is a little more to it than that, and I’m not going to go into details everything that it entails, but this is the concept that they build out. 

I will say that I enjoyed going through the training, and I did learn a thing or two.

In the 35 lessons (8 Weeks), they break it all down, so you have an easy to follow blueprint on how to make their system work.

It does work! People are using their training, and making money with it every day. In some web reviews, they may mention that the lessons are locked and that lessons are dripped to you in time.

This has changed from when they wrote those reviews; now you are able to watch the training when you want and are not restricted by time or which lesson you watch first.

You can sit down, and binge watch all eight weeks if you want.


The vendor training is the primary training on Clickbank University 2.0. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, it’s where the BIG money is found. This 12-week course lays out everything that you need to know about creating a product, product funnel, upsells (they know upsets, trust me) and all that is involved with creating and selling products on Clickbank.

They claim, 

“You’re going to go from zero to hero using the blueprint found in this course.”

It all Begins with Choosing a Product Niche

This is done by blending your passion, the market and your experience to build a  perfect product.

This is where it all begins. Throughout the course, they instruct you how to take that product and build out your funnels, create amazing copy, how to make a sales video, all with proven methods that work. The video classes were easy to follow along, and I learned a lot​.

Generating Traffic

For their traffic section, they focus on three traffic sources: Facebook advertising, Youtube Ads and Instagram Shoutouts.

All of these methods will cost you money. All of these methods can be difficult to master, and you’re not going to master them by watching a video.

It’s All About Experience

The videos are pretty straightforward, and it’s easy to follow along. They are a great start for anyone looking to get into these traffic streams.

Mastering Shoutouts

Creating shoutouts isn’t hard, what’s hard about Instagram shoutouts is bring everything together; making it all work, and making money in the end.Most people using Facebook advertising or Instagram shoutouts lose a ton of money before they realize what actually works.

Which niche do I advertise to who will buy my product?How do I optimize my ads? Some things you can only learn through experience!

I wish that they gave more free ways to drive traffic to your site. If you watch the Q&A recordings, they will mention how you can drive traffic to your site for free: forums and twitter search. They don’t spend a ton of time discussing it.


Each week they host a live webinar and answer questions that you might have about affiliate marketing, Clickbank and the right mindset. The webinars are basic and straight to the point.

I love that you have the opportunity to ask your questions and find the answers that you need to excel.

I do wish that they had live training like Wealthy Affiliate to help you even further.


 Another tool offered at Clickbank University 2.0 is their private forums. It’s annoying that your username and password for the University dashboard is not the same one as the forums.

You have to create a new account username and password to enter the discussions – Not sure why that bothers me so much, but it does. Yes, it’s annoying, but I’ll get over it.

The forums are simple to navigate, and there is a lot of information available if you have the time to work through it all.


The copywriting guide was okay. It’s a good bonus, but it’s not something that I would pay extra to buy. Nothing in the lesson was new to me, and it’s information that you can find on most copywriting blogs.


I found the interviews interesting. It’s nice to learn from other people and hear about their successes.

Wake up Mike, We’re trying to do an interview here!

The focus of each interview is utilizing Clickbank to make money. They are mostly promoting Clickbank in the interviews.

If you have determined that you’re going to sell Clickbank products or create a product of your own, this would be an excellent resource for you. The interviews cover a wide variety of subjects and prepare your mindset for becoming successful in the online world.

Hey, you can do this! You’re awesome, stuff like that. 


The ultimate case study is digging deeper into the specifics of Clickbank success.

It’s $97 extra to purchase. It’s broken down into three categories: 1. Email Marketing 2. Launches and Holiday Sales3. OptimizationThis is an excellent course if you have already gone through the CBU training (whether you’re a vendor or affiliate). The categories above are broken down in specifics; they give you tips, secrets and idea that they acquired over the years.

Again, for a one time fee of $97, it’s worth the investment. Think about the amount of money that you would have to spend on getting this knowledge through experience. I enjoyed the teaching and learned a great deal.


Overall, I like Clickbank University 2.0!

I am not convinced that it’s worth the monthly price though. There are no services, tools or continual training that would justify, in my opinion, a monthly charge.

Really, you’d be paying $47 a month for live Q&A each week.

I do not believe that Clickbank University is a scam. I do believe that you get great content and with the 30 day money back guarantee – you can’t go wrong. The reason Wealthy Affiliate has a monthly fee is because of the tools and services that they offer: *Keyword Tool*Live Training Each Week*Continual Support *SiteRubix – Host a Secure, Profitable WebsiteThese are just a few of the benefits offered at Wealthy Affiliate. If I had to choose between one training platform, I would definitely pick Wealthy Affiliate.Thanks for taking the time and reading this post.If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.Until next time, Jay, MDM


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