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Can You Make Money With Live.Me? You Need to Read This!

Have you ever walked down a busy city street and saw a whole bunch of people performing on the street? What are they doing? They are doing an act, and people reward them for their entertainment by throwing some coins into a hat or guitar case.

Take that idea and bring it to the internet. That is what you get with the live.Me app.

What is Live.Me?

Live.Me is a free video streaming app that allows you to show the world what you are up to any time of the day.

This app is available on mobile phones and tablets. The app shares your location and allows people to find streamers close by. The app is described by its creators as the “the best social platform for creating and viewing live videos.”

According to the app description, Live.Me allows you to make new friends in your area and around the world, chat with stars and celebrities, watch your favorite videos, and send virtual gifts.

Use live.me to give people virtual gifts.

They claim that by using Live.Me you can: meet stars and become a star yourself as you join millions of users, watching performers and sharing your own talent.

Does the internet have talent? I guess it does. Here are some interesting facts about Live.Me:

  • It has 60 million users
  • It was launched in April of 2016
  • It available in 7 languages and can be downloaded in 85 countries and regions
  • It’s the highest grossing app on Google Play in 42 countries

The app also has VIP packages that you can purchase:

  • Pay 19.99 a month to become a VIP
  • One-time coin package of 1000 live.me coins
  • Check and claim 20 live.me coins daily
  • VIP-exclusive gifts to send
  • VIP-exclusive flying comments
  • VIP special badge

How Does Live.Me Work?

The app is super easy to use. All you have to do is press a couple of buttons, and you are live – streaming from your phone.

Make money using the most popular live broadcasting app in the word with almost 60 million users.

As you “do your thing” people can like, comment or share your broadcast. If they really enjoy your broadcast, they can give you a variety of gifts. These gifts convert to actual money.

It takes a while to become a broadcaster that gets a lot of momentum. Some people don’t become a featured broadcaster for years, and some never get that title.

Hard work and effort is the game plan if you plan on becoming successful making live videos. Your show has to be unique to make sure that it sticks out from the thousands of other broadcasters.

It is pretty crazy that you can now have your very own show online, and all you’ll need is a smartphone, wifi, and the LiveMe app. You will also need at least 2 hours of battery power on your phone or use an external battery.

Some people go all out and add lights and a greenscreen backdrop, and a better mic. Some people broadcast from their office desk, car, or somewhere in their home, but you can broadcast from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The live experience that you get with Live.Me is busy. You have chatrooms, likes (which anyone can give you because they are free) and gifts that are marked with icons. You are never doing nothing and the whole experience can be overwhelming.

Can I Earn Money With Live.Me?

If you can become a top broadcaster, you can earn a lot of money by getting gifts from your viewers.

With LiveMe you not only have the potential of earning money with the gifts that people give to you, but you could also link to your merchandise page and sell a whole bunch of different items to your viewers. There are some on Live.Me that sell iPhone cases, mugs and different types of clothing. This is a popular and easy way to make extra money because of websites like Teespring.com which allows you to create merchandise for free and they take a percentage of every sale.

How teespring.com works and how you can make money without using any of your own.
How teespring.com works, and how you can make money using their system without using any of your own money.

Some broadcasters decide to link to their Instagram page and try to build up an audience on Instagram instead of selling merchandise. This allows you to utilize Instagram to make money – using sponsorships or adding affiliate links to your description.

Like any social platform, it’s possible to make a substantial income using Live.Me and, it’s possible to create several incomes sources (video gifts, Instagram, Merchandise and affiliate marketing)

Is Live.Me Safe?

Real people police the platform, so you have to follow the rules. They also have artificial intelligence that monitors each user and stream. If you break any of the rules, you are going to be kicked off.

You can also deputize a trusted person to be your administrator and block people that are not obeying the rules and are causing trouble.

It’s always important to not give any of your personal information on the internet, and always remember that everything you place online can be used to haunt you. Always be safe and aware!

The Negatives with Live.Me

Anytime you broadcast to the world, you’re going to have some negative experiences and this is true with Live.Me and can also be said of Facebook Live and Youtube Live.

Live.Me has been linked to cyberbullying. A British teen admitted that she had been bullied on the app and claimed that her life was “ruined” by internet trolls.

One individual said that her address was shared on Twitter and people were encouraged to burglarize her home. She also stated that she had been told to “go kill herself” on one occasion.

There are also other incidents where the app has been linked to grooming, where minors were encouraged to show private parts on their broadcast.

A statement released by Live.me at the time said:

“The safety of our users is a top priority for Live.me. Our community guidelines reflect our zero-tolerance policy towards any indecent or inappropriate behavior, and we take all allegations of violations against those guidelines very seriously.

Beyond existing safeguards in our app and strict protocols for our moderators to address any reports of violations, we also actively support law enforcement in identifying and prosecuting any users found to be endangering our community in any way.

Beyond automatic software detection and human moderators in place 24 hours a day, we also have tools for users to report and block people from their broadcasts, and we are continually improving those tools and resources for users.”

I also noticed that the age for the app is 17+.

Can you make money using the live.me app? Yes. Have people been making money using this social platform? Absolutely.

You can read various blog posts and Youtube videos of people that claim that they have been making thousands of dollars every month using the Live.Me app.

I’m not convinced that it’s the best way to make money online, but you could use the platform to make an income.

Here are some ideas of what you could livestream:

  • Cooking Tips
  • Exercise
  • Tips on Wellness
  • Dieting
  • Music Lessons
  • How to Create Something
  • Talk About Your Life
  • Encourage People to Reach Their Dreams
  • Become a Hobbyist
  • Teach Someone How To Do Something
  • Talk About Your Struggles
  • Travel Videos

My Conclusion

The problem with broadcasting for cash is the time that it takes to make money. At the end of the day, you are exchanging time for money. You are not building a passive income stream because if you do not live broadcast on the app, then you are not going to make money.

To build a passive income stream can be very difficult.

This is why I love the potential of affiliate marketing through blogging. I can make a passive income online without live broadcasting, or spending hours creating content for a one-time money gift.

Using the power of Google, I can get FREE traffic to my blog and build a free online business that will make money for years to come.

Affiliate marketing allows you to build an online business that has the potential of creating a 5-figure monthly income.

Learn my no-boss blueprint and follow my steps on how you can start working from home or anywhere in the world.


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