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For someone to be a leader, they have to lead. Obviously.  Whether that’s a small business or large company their job is to guide that company to success. Their leadership could build or break a business.

It’s not easy being a leader in this changing world. It takes time bettering yourself through mentorships and self-helps, developing skills in business leadership. Forbes magazine, in a recent article,  gave eight qualities that make a leader strong:

-Shares their wisdom
-Does what others don’t
-Embraces the lessons of failure
-Provides you with their valuable time
-Creates special moments
-Make you feel valued
-Leads to leave a legacy

I wouldn’t call this list basic as far as practice is concerned, but it is a list that is unavoidable for a leader that wants to leave a lasting impact.


One business skill that I find difficult to achieve is handling or not handling criticism. In all of the leadership lists created about characteristics essential to leadership – this is never on the list.

Managing people’s opinions are why a lot of leaders can’t hack the position.

Let’s say someone wants to start their own business. They ask the opinions of people they are close to for help whether or not they should start business X. After explaining the business proposition, they criticize them for having such a crazy idea.

“Don’t do it!” they will say.

They launch the business, and it becomes a super success.

Haters will first criticize, but later they will idolize. On the Million Dollar Monkey Instagram account, I added this saying not long ago. It went something like this: “It’s none of your business what people are saying about you.”

How true this is. I think that one missed business skill, and I do believe that it is a skill, is to forget about the haters and follow after your goals. I think that deep in your heart you know if you should follow a particular passion, and you must follow after that voice inside.

What about the same story with an entirely different outcome.

Let’s say that those haters weren’t haters at all. They were people that loved you dearly and had the individual’s back.

Like the last story, the person didn’t care to listen. They just continued on that pursuit, and that business dream ended up being a nightmare.

There are times when you should tell them to shut up, and other times you should tell them to say more. How do you know when you should speak or listen?

When I was six years old, I had a fantastic idea. I found an old oil drum behind my house. I rolled it up a semi-large hill, nailed some wings on it, an old bicycle wheel would be used for a steering wheel and told all my friends I was going to fly. I was serious too.

I had watched movies and shows on TV and saw how easy it was for airplanes fly. I saw wings, tires and a steering wheel and decided if I had those components that I could fly. I was wrong. There is far more to flight than what I could understand as a six-year-old boy.

I think that business can be like this story. Sometimes we become short-sighted to what makes a business. There is far more to running a business than many of us think. We often need the voice of reason to help bring us back to reality.


So do we listen or act? Do we prove them wrong or be proven wrong, I think this is the real question.

This is a business skill that we need to refine in our life – how to handle the opinions of people. 

Here are some pointers on how you should handle the opinions of people:


We can learn from everyone. Sometimes we learn what to do, and sometimes we learn what not to do.

When it comes to people criticising or haters that are jealous of your potential success, remember this principle: Don’t listen to those that you don’t respect.

There is always going to be a voice crying in your ear trying to influence your decisions.  Hell, you probably hear yourself criticizing your potential in life. If you can’t get over your insecurities to respect yourself, you shouldn’t even listen to you. Maybe that’s why you haven’t stepped out and chased those dreams; you don’t respect yourself. Don’t listen to anyone that hasn’t earned your respect.

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You are great. You’re the only version of you on this earth. That’s incredible, isn’t it? We all need to be working at becoming better versions of us. It’s true that we all have our inconsistencies and problems – no one has arrived at where they need to be.

When you are a leader, you are going to meet people that demand change in you. Sometimes those changes are necessary and are required for you to be a better leader. Other times these changes could damage you, and set you back in maturing as a leader. My advice to you: Don’t alter everything about you for someone that doesn’t care.

I find that if you change something about you to please an individual that it won’t be long when someone else wants it another way. Be true to being you.


You have passion, and that is great. Just don’t let your passion keep you from being reasonable.

You have persistence, and that is great. Don’t sacrifice reasonableness for just being persistent.

When I began my first business, I was losing a lot of money, and it was negatively affecting my family. I had to take a reasonable look at the success of that business and decide if it was worth pursuing. I didn’t get bullied into quitting or giving up. I was sensible and decided it was better for my and family if I was to walk away. I’m glad that I did. By walking away from one business, it allowed me to put my time in companies that had a greater potential for success. It would have been unreasonable for me to continue in a business that was drowning, just because I wanted to be persistent.

Reasonableness trumps everything else. You need to make your own decisions when it comes to your success.

I hope I didn’t confuse you. I know we can all relate to this subject.  I guess the best way to conclude this whole article is to be careful who influences you. It is those people that will build you as a leader or tear you down.


  1. I really appreciate how you mention developing yourself. I find that is the most important part of any task or dream at hand. You can’t shy away from things that make you uncomfortable. Taking criticism is definitely one of those things that makes almost everyone uncomfortable. Dive in! Immerse yourself in all the criticism you can get and it will be drastically less terrifying than if you avoided.

    Nerves and fear are signs that you’re going in the right direction.



    1. I guess it’s true that if you are not being criticized it’s probably because you are not doing anything.

  2. Hey, great points throughout your article. I resonate most with the bottom line: “Be careful who influences you.” It highlights the importance of quality mentorships, intentional relationships, and targeted learning. It reminds me, also, of the old saying that you can tell who a person will be come based on the books s/he is reading.

    All the best!

  3. It is so true. People will make us or they can break us. We need to be careful who we allow to be our teachers.

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