Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams – Finding A Real Money Making Tool

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Affiliate marketing sites are everywhere on the internet today!  Everywhere you look, they are offering you the possibility of a better life. They advertise that if you buy into their program, follow their simple instructions, and build what they have built – you are going to be rich.

Be careful! Everyone wants to take your money. Their business is to get you interested in an online business, and then grab your money that you worked hard to get.

As a child, my mother would always tell me that if something was too good to be true, then it probably isn’t real. The internet can make things that are fraudulent seem like a valuable opportunity.

I wanted to write an article about how to avoid affiliate marketing scams. How do you know if something is for real? I’m going to give you some thoughts that will help guide you in the right direction.  Let’s begin.


When I started looking into different affiliate marketing platforms, I was amazed at how many were available. All of them used the same principles for success, and all of them promised a thorough education that would payout in the end.

The difference came down to the amount of money that was required to begin. One business needed as much as $2,000 for you to be an affiliate, and take the educational courses they offered.

Wow! $2,000 &%$#$% dollars!

I want to put this into perspective so that you understand why they ask so much money. The businesses that required large amounts of money at startup also pay out large sums if you refer someone to their platform. You can make as much as $800 for a single referral. That sounds very tempting, right? The difficulty is you have to spend a hell of a lot more on marketing and driving traffic to your site than even the $2,000 initial payment.

That $2,000 could easily turn into $10,000, and this is their business model. The more you spend on driving traffic to their site the more money you could potentially make. Sounds good . . . It’s really hard to start a business this way.

The reason for the high price tag is these businesses are MLM companies or legal pyramid companies. I am talking about companies like Aspire by Digital Altitude.

Note: A multi-level marketing business will pay you an affiliate commission from those that you refer to their platform and will continue to pay you up to 4 tiers. Let’s say that I just referred Bob to the platform and he refers John. You’ll get a commission from Bob and John. You see how that can add up very quickly, and that is why they require such a steep price to begin.

You have to be very careful about the MLM business platform. I am not saying that they are scams directly, but indirectly they have a subtle aroma of a scam. My reasoning is because the chances of actually becoming successful in this business model are very slim. Most people that succeed in these types of platforms already had a solid foundation and was already driving traffic to their site. They were making money anyway. Advertising an MLM businesses was just another way to generate income.

They never actually build a lucrative business from stretch using the MLM ‘s tools or courses.

The real kicker is they promote that MLM business as if it was that company that made them successful – that’s not true at all.  That’s the scam included. I hope that you can see what I am talking about.


The second affiliate business I would avoid are those that are designed for marketers and not the average person.

I tried several affiliate sites, and they are not all equal. Most do not teach you the fundamentals of how to build out a website from scratch. Especially the MLM business model. The MLM companies will teach you about their business model, and why they believe their business model can make you a lot of money, but they do not teach you how to drive organic (FREE) traffic to your web page, making your site a long-term revenue stream.


The best way to make money online is to learn and then earn. You need to discover how to build an online presence, create content on that website, and then build that site out.


Avoid businesses that talk about making money quickly. These types of businesses are not real, and you should stay clear of this kind of philosophy. That sort of business will ask you to invest a lot of money, and you will probably never see that money ever again.

The proper philosophy in business is first you want to learn how to build a viable business, and then you want to earn from that business once a solid foundation is laid. This philosophy takes time, but it will produce an income long term.


Avoid platforms that are difficult to understand. I found that ASPIRE is hard to follow the program in general. It’s hard to comprehend the price structure, and how you could potentially make money. They assigned you a coach that was supposed to guide you, but all they did was try to motivate you to spend more of your money.

Remember: No one will ever turn away your money. As long as you are willing to pay, every business will be prepared to take. Just make sure you understand where your money is going before it waves goodbye.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. Understand their payment plan.
  2. Understand their philosophy of business.
  3. Make sure you know if they are going to educate you or do you have to teach yourself.
  4. What tools are they going to give you to be successful?
  5. How much will you have to pay after your courses are complete?
  6. Are they motivating you to sell to you?
  7. Does the platform seem confusing?
  8. Is it a multi-level marking platform?
  9. Do they want you to succeed or are you just a customer?
  10. Do they promise you success quickly?

Before anyone joins a platform, you need to make sure that you understand what that platform is all about. Do your homework. Ask important questions that will give you a greater understanding of the business, and the direction that you will be heading.


I am not writing this article to scare you away from affiliate marketing. It was the opportunity of affiliate marketing that I’m making a lot of money.  I am just helping you sort through the countless pages of information that is available to you.

There are some businesses out there that are scams. Be careful. These companies are just looking take your hard earned money. Make sure that you do your research before you make any commitments. I sure did.

When I finally decided to begin my journey with affiliate marketing, I decided to use Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate gave me the tools that I needed to be successful.

Was I concerned that it was a scam? Absolutely.

I did my research and talked to several people. I concluded that WA did not have a get rich quick philosophy. They wanted me to be successful by teaching me how to build a genuine online business.


  1. Hello there and nice article. I wasn’t too sure about what MLM really was. I attended a conference some years back about using a pyramid type system to generate revenue. You have to refer a bunch of people underneath you and you would get paid per person. These guys were very informative about the product, but of course it had a big price tag attached.

    I can’t believe this type of business because the upfront cost is so high. I like the program you mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate, they seem legit and not too expensive either. I like the platform setup and it feels really interactive.

    Thanks for clearing up some confusion about MLM and thanks for referring such a good program too.

  2. Thanks you very much friend, I love your article on how to avoid affiliate marketing scams. And I agree with you perfectly that any online offer that looks too good to be true is questionable, it could surely be a scam. For instance, if someone pay $50 and then earn $5000 in a month, this is definitely not a legitimate program. It is surely a scam.

    I also agree with you, in fact I will never pay for an online training that is so complicated, difficult to understand, because I will get nothing out of it. As for MLM programs, I never support it and I will never recommend any MLM program to anyone because of their pyramid scheme compensation plan.

    Yes, anyone looking for a way to make success on;line should consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. I first heard of affiliate marketing on You tube and was following some so called “super affiliates” to learn the ropes. I was so close to investing into one of their training programmes but at the last minute came across Wealthy affiliate. I must say joining WA was a great move and I feel as though my investment is money well spent. I am provided with all the tools I need to succeed in creating a online business. I felt as if the guys I was watching on You tube just wanted your money, where as at WA I feel that they want you to achieve success. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Great advice on how to avoid scams. You shouldn’t have to fork over bucks to join a program about affiliate marketing.
    It’s very hard to find a legitimate place online where you can get started with affiliate marketing.
    You have to learn how and what to do before you can earn any money.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the only way to do this. You can join for free, get trained, build a website, and get support from a huge online community.
    This is the way to learn and earn with affiliate marketing.

  5. I’m glad that somewhere throughout this post you mentioned about them sneaky MLM companies. Have been across any in your time and if so, which ones?
    My first experience with them was a company called SFI and it was awful.

    You are so right about it not being a get rich quick scheme. Making money takes time and effort and if your looking for a quick buck, it isn’t right for you!

    1. Author

      Hey, thanks for your comment. I actually started my affiliate marketing career with Aspire. I found that Aspire promised you so much, but it was going to cost me a boat load of money. When the coach, that was supposed to mentor me, found out I didn’t want to pay the thousands of dollars for their courses; I never heard from Him again. This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate; It’s real and educational, and they truly care about your success. Thanks. 

  6. There are many scams that are out there that just wants to take your hard earned dollar, therefore, it is always good to do your homework before you spend your money as many have made this mistake and regretted it.

    Your post is well detailed as has a lot of good information

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