September 10

An Honest Review of the Smart Cash System – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?


So you’re searching on the internet, and you come across this display surrounded with flashing neon lights that reads: make 4K in one week.

You do what every person who is looking for an online job would do - you click and see what's it's all about.


Inside you read about a 4-step system that could see you earning money in as little as fifteen minutes. Wow, fifteen minutes sounds fantastic.

You step back from your computer and get smacked in the face with a little reality - is this too good to be true?


All of this sounds incredible. To be able to make that kind of money in only one week, and to not be burdened with products or a website is awesome. Not to mention you can work from anywhere in the world - sign me up, right?

The problem with unrealistic pitches is that there are often hidden parts to systems that are not revealed right away.

Let’s take a moment and dig into Tom Wilson’s (Tom Wilson is the creator of Smart Cash System) program and see if it’s something that could make you money. I’m going to give you an honest review of the Smart Cash System and see if it’s worth your hard earned money.


First of all, this is an HYIP or a High Yield Investment Program. It starts with trading to earn money. The focus of the trading in forex trading or foreign exchange.

If you are anything like me, the whole concept of trading is pretty foreign.

In my research, it doesn't look like they teach you how to trade, but tell you that trading is what you need to do as part of the system.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, be assured that it means you're going to lose money. 

So, you start their system and you start trading to earn money, and they want you to do it through their partner Omniforex which offers trading signals.

A trading signal is a triggered action that is generated by analysis. This sounds great and all, but from what I have seen the signals generated in the Smart Cash System's partner are low quality and weak.


  • With trading there is always a high risk of losing money
  • It has a low price but has several hidden up-sells that are encouraged
  • No success stories of people making what is claimed 
  • There is a lot of HYPE concerning this product with a lot of unrealistic claims - make money fast with little effort 

I find it amusing that though the Smart Cash System claim there are no so-called up-sells, if you follow their system, you are strongly encouraged to purchase additional products.

For example, the software that is pushed by Smart Cash System to generate signals which I mentioned are low quality - cost a $100 a month to use.

Also, they actively encourage you to invest in sports arbitrage which requires more software that has an additional fee as well.

Their payment system may seem simple and cheap, but they count on you spending big dollars to invest in their partner programs.


Listen, I believe people probably have at one time made money using this system.

I think it's possible to use the system and make money, but I haven't found anyone online that gives testimony (apart from their site) that they made money using this 4-step system.

I think that you’re wise to stay away from this type of system that depends a little more on fate than on planning. Sounds like you are going to lose more money than you are going to make. 

There is a lot of HYPE that seems to surround this product: make money fast, make a lot of money quickly, don't have to do anything - all of these types of claims scare me with regards to online businesses.

My advice to you is to stay away from Smart Cash System and invest your money and time in building a real online business.

Let me know if have any questions or have something to add in the comments below. Looking forward to hear from you. 



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