February 17

Add A Button To Your WordPress Blog Menu


If you would like to add a “Call to Action” button or “Call Out” button to your main WordPress menu there are several ways of accomplishing this.

You could use the <button></button> html tags to make a regular menu item into a button, but the problem is you’re going to need to know a little bit of CSS to make this work.

Also, some WordPress themes won’t let you edit your menu text and so it makes your buttons look terrible. There has to be a better way, right?

Recently, I recently discovered a wonderful way to create “call out” buttons on your main menu, and you can keep 100% perfect of the look and feel. It makes your website look great and it won’t cost you a dime.

I was working on this website and wanted to add a button on the main menu without CSS and digging deep into the theme. After some research and some experimentation, I discovered the perfect solution.

  • There are two plugins that you will need to install in order this to work:
  • You need to download the plugin – Maxbuttons. This plugin allows you to easily create stunning buttons to use anywhere on WordPress.
  • you will also need to install the plugin “shortcode to menus” which will allow you to add shortcode to the button label.

How to Add a Call Out Button to WP Menu

  • Open the Maxbuttons plugin (should be located on the left panel) and create your first button.

How to Add a Call Out Button to WP Menu

  • Next, after your button is created. You want to copy the “shortcake” that is provided to you. There are actually two [shortcodes] that are available to you, so you only have to choose one.

How to Add a Call Out Button to WP Menu

  • Next, you want to hover over appearance on the left and click on menus.

How to Add a Call Out Button to WP Menu

  • Select the menu that you want to add the button.
  • Find the menu item that you want to convert to a button and click on the dropdown arrow.
  • You want to paste that [shortcode] into the section called, “Navigation Label”
  • Save the changes and take a look.

How to Add a Call Out Button to WP Menu

  • You may have to do some tweaking with the menu to make it just right, but this is how to add an AWESOME “Call to Action” button to any menu on WordPress.



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