About Nothing But Niche

Hi, I’m Jerry!

I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little about my story.

I’m a 40-year-old father of three, husband to a beautiful wife, and a pastor of a great church. I love traveling, hockey, my family, and hanging with my wonderful friends.

I started niche websites for two reasons.

First, as a hobby and an avenue of learning new things, and secondly, to make money to support my family.

As a pastor, I cannot get a second job to supplement my income like other people. Affiliate marketing has allowed me to make extra money for my family and help others do the same.

I created Nothing But Niche to tell others of my success and how they could do the same.

There are a lot of Scams Online

When I was looking for a platform to learn affiliate marketing, I got caught up in a lot of scams. After losing some money, I felt taking advantage of and upset that people can easily take other people’s hard-earned money.

With a lot of determination and hard work, I have built several niche websites that are making me a monthly income.

My most recent website is a simple website that reviews small kitchen appliances and now it’s making me $1000 a month.

In order to make money online you have to know how it’s done. There are a lot of websites that claim that they have all the answers when it comes to online profit, but most of them are scams and should be avoided.

I’m here to tell you the blueprint to my success. 

It’s For Anyone!

The motivation for Nothing But Niche came when I discovered that anyone could become an affiliate marketer.

You don’t have to have a degree in marketing to make money online. It’s true. I’m just a normal person, a pastor, to be exact. Yet, I am making passive income each month with affiliate marketing.

If you are dedicated, hard working and eager to learn, then you are the perfect candidate to make a passive income from the internet.

Don’t Hesitate – Begin Today!

If you are looking to create a better life for yourself and your family, then I really want to help you out.

Follow me on my journey and learn how I’m building REAL, PROFITABLE online business that create fantastic passive income streams.

I want to teach you how you can be an online entrepreneur!

The wonderful thing about an online business is that it can be managed from anywhere.

First Amazon Associates Check

Affiliate marketing is on fire. Forbes estimated that in the next 5 years there would be 79 million NEW home-based businesses. This is incredible! There are several reasons why an online business is the best to own:

  • It can be managed from anywhere
  • It costs very little to begin
  • It doesn’t take all of your time
  • It produces a passive income stream when done right
  • It’s fun and enjoyable

Why not begin today and start building a home-based business. Don’t know how? I’m going to show you how I did it, and you’re going to be able to begin for FREE!

Sign up for my FREE email course that’s going to walk you through everything that you’ll need to do begin.

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